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{14 Days of Sweet Valentine’s Day Ideas} Printable "Marry Me" Banner!

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My fabulous friend, Vicki of Vicki Lynn Photography asked me to create a banner for a recent engagement photography session she did.
I LOVE how it turned out! How cute is this sweet couple?
Know anyone getting ready to PROPOSE on Valentine’s Day?

February 9, 2011

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  1. Misty says:

    Very sweet and romantic. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Rachie says:

    I totally love this – you are soo clever! xo

  3. Wenona Baker says:

    My sister is going to propose to her boyfriend on valentines day, She even bought him a ring. I think it’s sooo cute.

  4. Always love your work!

  5. Andrea says:

    That’s so cute! I’d love to get this, my brother just got engaged and I’m shooting their engagement pics next weekend!

  6. Ava says:

    So sweet! I know 2 couples getting engaged any day now! This would be great for both of them!

  7. Rachel Irish says:

    My cousin is proposing to his girlfriend on Valentine’s Day!!! We couldn’t be more excited!! I will have to get this for a photo shoot!

  8. So cute! You could also do this with Save the Date as the banner for all those save the dates that get sent out. Maybe even an option to include the date too.

  9. Halsey says:

    Love this banner….time to renew our vows. HA! Sure my Hunk would love that! I featured your banner on Spunky Junky today!



  10. Caroline says:

    This banner is so totally romantic! How could any bride-to-be resist?!

  11. Lori Souter says:

    would love to have a copy of this!

    thank you!


  12. Lori Souter says:

    forgot to leave my email!



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