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{Doing Business} What's in a Name?

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Hello friends! You are going to start seeing more posts here on The TomKat Studio focused on starting, marketing and managing a creative business. I’ve learned so much on my journey and I continue to learn more each day. I hope to share more of my experiences with you on a regular basis. To start, I am excited to introduce you to my friends, Kara and Tracy of LaunchHer. I have worked with Kara on several occasions when I have needed legal advice and guidance. Like the time someone opened an Etsy shop called TomKat Party Studio. {what?!?} Today, the ladies of LaunchHER are sharing a few tips for getting your business started, along with a special promotion for their services.

From LaunchHer:

Women at all stages of business contact LaunchHER for business coaching, marketing and legal services, but we have a small confession…we especially love it when brand new business owners contact LaunchHER. Afterall, we are called LaunchHER for a reason. We love to be a launch pad for new women-owned businesses, working with them as a client, a sponsor, or featuring them as a {freshly launched} brand. We are passionate about women-owned, handmade, and boutique style brands.

Here are a few important considerations when you are launching a new business:

  • Your business name – research it! Do your research and make sure the name isn’t already in use by another company {please note, name availability does not necessarily indicate whether or not the name is already registered as a trademark}.
  • Your business logo – stand out! Your logo is one of the most important first impressions your new business will make on potential buyers or clients. If graphic design is not in your bag of tricks, don’t be afraid to hire someone.
  • Your business promotion – be prepared! Have a short description of your business written, as well as a short bio of you. This will come in handy when you are submitting your business for features such as {freshly launched}. It is also a good idea to have a headshot. If a professional photographer isn’t in your budget, ask a friend that enjoys taking pictures to do a photo shoot with you.

This month, we are offering our first-ever Launch It Right™ package! We have bundled our MOST popular services and are offering them at a price that can’t be matched.

Launch it Right™ includes:

  • (1) trademark application,
  • (1) hour of business coaching (on the topic of your choice), and
  • (1) press release with distribution.

While registering a trademark can seem costly, especially when you are just starting out, by NOT registering your mark and securing legal protection for your business name, you are placing your entire business venture in jeopardy. When you delay in registering your trademark, you open the door to the possibility of finding yourself in the unenviable position of either defending your unregistered trademark (good luck to you with that) or surrendering “the perfect business name” you searched high and low for to the savvy business person who did not delay in registering their “perfect business name.” Don’t place yourself in a situation that is stressful and the outcome unknown. Register the name of your business, product or idea today! You will never regret it. Especially when you sleep well at night, knowing your good name is registered.

The entire package is available for the month of August for just $325*. Considering a trademark alone starts at $500*, this is an amazing offer. Space is limited, reserve your spot by emailing hello@launchHER.com today!

We love to connect! Join LaunchHER on Facebook and Twitter, or submit to be {freshly launched}.

*Government filing fee of $275 for trademark filing is additional.

Thank you, LaunchHer for joining us today!

Attention Readers:

If you have a business or are thinking about starting one, what would you enjoy learning about? I would love to hear your thoughts!

August 8, 2011

Post Date:

  1. Kim, this is a fantastic idea! As a blogger who is just started writing (May) and now doing some events, learning from someone who has clearly succeeded is invaluable. Thanks for being willing to share your expertise! I would really love to see posts about how you initially marketed and priced your product before people knew your brand (did that time exist???).

    Thanks again!

    • Alicia Shawhan says:

      Hi Rebecca,
      I know this post is a couple years old. I stumbled upon this post while trying to search for ideas on starting my party business and figuring out pricing.
      If you are still in the business, what are you doing on pricing, advertising, etc? All of my recent contacts have come from friends seeing my parties and things I’ve helped other with, and they now what parties done by me and my consultations. Where do you suggest to begin?
      Thank you for any and all insist you can give.
      Take care,

  2. Stephanie says:

    This is awesome! After my wedding in October I am hunkering down to start a blog and would love to start styling parties and events up in the Boston area! Hearing and learning from someone that has done such a terrific job and has made such a name for herself is great and inspiring! Thanks so much for the information that you will be sharing with us! I am excited to learn it all =)

  3. great timing, kim! this is exactly what i’ve been looking for! there aren’t many resources for finding out info about this niche. i’m looking for info on marketing to your local market, fee structure, national exposure aside from blogs and conferences (which ones occur and which ones are important to attend). thanks for sharing your knowledge!

  4. Andrea Anderson says:

    Hi Kim. This was a great blog entry. It would be great for you to cover some buget friendly marketing tips, time management and balancing family and your business and material sourcing.

  5. Shauna says:

    Great advice ladies. Kim, thank you so much for being such a wonderful inspiration. I look forward to learning more!

  6. Greetings from Argentina! Love your work! And thanks for sharing with us your knowledge and experience.
    Over the last year I´ve satarted my own bussiness styling children parties with a friend, and what we find most difficult is pricing, how to find the right price. It would be interest to read about pricing our services…

    Sorry my english!



  7. Raychel Wishart says:

    I was so glad to see this post since as we speak I am trying to build a new buiness in event planning and design. I completely agree that coming up with pricing is difficult and would be something I would be very interested in learning more about. I know coming up with a logo and marketing your brand correctly is key in starting something new, but how do you do it when you can’t afford it!? Getting advice from some one who has been there is very motivating! Thank you for blogging!

  8. Sue Blake says:

    I think this is a great idea! I have had my retail shop for 17 years, but this whole social marketing (Facebook, blogging, Etsy, etc.) is so new. I’m looking forward to learning some new things!

  9. Michelle says:

    OMG This is just what I needed. Being unemployed for almost 2 years and realizing I wanted to go into business for myself I am so overwhelmed. I am trying to get into the Candy/Dessert buffet/party planning business here in NJ and with no where to turn to for advice that I can truly trust you present LaunchHER. I really am at a loss as to where to start and the pricing. I have so many ideas that I am going around in circles.

    Thank you so much for this!!!!!!

    Warm Regards,

    Michelle xoxoxoz

  10. Thank you Kim. You are such an inspiration. Great idea and post today! I love the advice Kara and Tracy of LaunchHer has to offer. Thank you ladies for being a guiding light for us.

  11. Barby says:

    Thank You for sharing.. As someone that is starting her own event planning business in MA.. I welcome all the knowledge I can get. An getting it from someone as successful as awesome.

  12. Darci Woodiwiss Photography says:

    Kim, thank you!! This is wonderful!! I am a photographer and LOVE doing events. I love all the detail shots!! I’d love to know how you work with your photographers, i.e. How do you network with them, how do you decide who you are going to use, etc?

  13. Thrilled to be featured on TomKat today, and thanks for the nice introduction, Kim. We truly are passionate about seeing women owned brands succeed and we hear from women everyday who’s businesses are flourishing. THAT is what’s it’s all about for us!

  14. Emily Piper says:

    Kim! this is amazing! Thank you!!! XOXO

  15. WhimsyLLC says:


    You are such an inspiration! This is great! I’ve been following your blog and after many suggestions from friends, I have launched my own party styling and printable business. I am in Columbus OH and opened a shop, Whimsy, on etsy. Not only is your work amazing, but you have inspired so many to follow their dreams too!

  16. Nicole says:

    Hi Kim,

    Thank you for sharing the LaunchHer with us 🙂
    The biggest issue I always have is Social Media–how to get fans on FaceBook and Blogs. That would be helpful information.


  17. I’d love to hear your thoughts on how much time you spend working on the creative side of your business versus the marketing side. It’s a difficult balance for sure!!

  18. Amanda says:

    Hi Kim!

    You have inspired me so much and I have only been following you for a few months now! I have started a creative blog but have become VERY interested in starting up a party/event styling business in Iowa. I just finished my daughter’s first birthday party and found that to be an awesome start because it allowed me to really see the ins and outs of styling a party! I am interested in “where to go from here”. I have some ideas but I am not really sure how to get my name out there in my local area. I posted pictures of my daughter’s party on my blog and on my Facebook page so hopefully people will start buzzing about it. I would love any tips to get my business idea up and running! Thanks! 🙂

  19. Maribelle Reyes-Michaelis says:

    Thank you for sharing… TomKat Studio & Kim you are such an inspiration… Now, I am on my way to start my business venture focusing on Desserts & Sweets Buffet Bar… Bless us all!

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