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{DIY} Beautiful Birthday Hat by SnazzieDrawers

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Oh my! You MUST check out this adorable birthday hat designed by SnazzieDrawers! For her daughter’s 6th birthday, Joy wanted to create a very girly party hat for her, and what she designed just screams PRINCESS! What we really love about this hat is that it requires NO SEWING! You heard that right….it is made entirely with glue! {Right up our alley!}

We love that Joy incorporated our Glamour Girl in Paris Party Circle that features the silhouette by Oh Fiddlesticks. What a great detail!

You can create this hat for more than just a birthday. Beautiful enough to be made for Christmas festivities to top off a Christmas tree or for Thankgsiving on the mantle!  These would also be absolutely adorable as cake toppers or centerpieces for any party!

The pattern includes a template for your hat and the printable “Queen of Glamorous” banner as well as several more phrases for your other guests and one blank banner so you can include the phrase of your choice.  It comes with step by step detailed instructions and photos on how to make your hat. Any level of crafter can do this!

You can find the pattern for sale in the SnazzieDrawer’s shop!


November 1, 2011

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  1. What girl wouldn’t love these!

    They remind me of the “princess wands” that you can buy at Michaels. I love them!

  2. Just love these they are too cute! I think these would be awesome to make for a girlfriends party, who doesn’t want to feel like a princess!

  3. Heather G. says:

    Joy is amazing. Queen of all things pretty!

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