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Pink & Gray Chevron Bridal Shower :: Aussie Party Challenge

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We love bridal showers, and Daisy from Leo & Bella did not disappoint with this beautiful event! Using our Pink & Grey Chevron Printable Collection, Daisy created the most gorgeous dessert table, along with so many other lovely details. The pink ruffled backdrop is stunning! Get ready to swoon…

Please visit Leo & Bella for more party photos and details!

You can find the Pink & Grey Chevron collection in our shop SOON!

Styling ::ย Leo & Bella
Photography ::ย White Sparks Photography
Cakes & Sweets ::ย Sweetcheeks Cookies & Cakes
Cookies ::ย Dessert Menu Please

September 6, 2012

Post Date:

  1. WOAH!!! I LOVE THIS!!! So pretty and simple and so effective. It is one of my favourites!! Well done Daisy and all involved… Danielle’s cakes were superb, photography gorgeous as always and those cookies, well amazing!!


  2. Patricia (sweetdahlia) says:

    Absolutely gorgeous! love the colours!

  3. Kim Barrett says:

    LOVE LOVE this, my daughter’s wedding colors are Gray and yellow, and I think this would be beautiful also.

  4. HoneyBash says:

    What is that backdrops, just ruffle fabric? Love it!!!

  5. Oh my goodness…those cakes are stunning!

  6. Ricka says:


  7. Absolutely beautiful! The cakes, the goodies, the stationary, the favors, all beautiful!

  8. Maria says:

    So beautiful. Honey bash not sure what was used for the backdrop but Urban outfitters have a ruffle shower curtain that looks similar.

  9. Wonderful! Some great inspiration for a silver wedding anniversary party too!

  10. Tina Dahl says:

    The back drop, the cookies, the cake….all fab! Just lovely ๐Ÿ™‚

  11. erin says:

    Just saw a wedding with the same colors… love it

  12. Jeniffer says:

    Perfect colours for a bridal shower. Just perfect <3

  13. Kimberly Cox-Grosso says:

    That chevron cake!! I’m in love!

  14. Lacey B says:

    I vote for this one! Love it!

  15. Cynthia says:

    I absolutely adore this shower!! Could that chevron cake be any cuter?? Seriously…PERFECT!!!

  16. Beautiful – I can’t get enough chevron!

  17. Melissa says:

    This is my favorite by far! Love the amazing colors and patterns!

  18. Amie Pendle says:

    By far My FAVORITE! โ™ฅโ™ฅโ™ฅ

  19. Shanna Uptergrove says:

    I LOVE this one!!!! Basically because there is CHEVRON!! And there’s gray!! And pink!!! So gorgeous! shanna.u at gmail dot com

  20. Sabeha says:

    Luv everything about this party. So chic and sophisticated…

  21. Diana D says:

    This is my favorite party out of the 8! Clean and simple design yet cute and fun at the same time! Love it!

  22. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this party!!! Incredibly beautiful and fresh!!!

  23. Kelly says:

    I am in LOVE! This theme is absolutely gorgeous!!! I love all the little details, especially the cookie rings. How cute is that? I also am a huge fan of the chevron pattern. The pink & gray coloring are a great color combo too! Although, I loved all the theme parties posted, this one is my favorite! ๐Ÿ™‚

  24. JennR says:

    This one has my vote!

  25. Diane says:

    Beautiful!! Love it!

  26. Angie G. says:

    This party is stunning! Simple, but beautiful!

  27. Heather Cowell says:

    Absolutely love this!!!!!!!!

  28. Jolynn Page says:

    This party gets my vote. I just love it!

  29. I so love this party! I love love love the chevron and the colors…..great party!!

  30. shiori says:

    This is so BEAUTIFUL! The colors are so elegant and subtle. Reminds me of an Audrey Hepburn movie!

  31. Mindy says:

    This one is totally my favorite! The color pallette, ruffle backdrop and those cakes!

  32. Tamara kroone says:

    Just love this party!

  33. Shera says:

    My favorite! Everything is perfect!

  34. Jennifer says:

    My favorite, love the colors!!!!

  35. Deborah says:

    This one is my fave. It’s gorg. Reg wagon was a close 2nd.

  36. Amanda says:

    This is amazing! The details are perfect, I wish my bridal shower looked like this!

  37. Aly says:

    I love it, I want everything! The cakes are AMAZING!

  38. Larissa says:

    this was my favorite out of all the Aussie parties!! TOTALLY rocked it!

  39. Melissa says:

    Absolultey love the chevron trend right now so this party grabbed my attention right away! The ring cookies (along with all of the other details) are amazing!

  40. alessia says:

    This is my favorite!!Incantevole ^^

  41. Fran says:

    This is definitely my favorite one! Hope Leo & Bella wins.

  42. Rekha says:

    Good work luv the colour combination n your
    Work is so good as usual

  43. Kiran says:

    Good work Leo n bella beautifully done

  44. Karen says:

    Love this, especially the cakes. Simple yet stunningly elegant.

  45. Jenny says:

    I love the cakes! Just beautiful =]

    Now, cake for breakfast?

  46. Kim says:

    FABULOUS!!! Just love everything about this design…and the versatility with using other colors in the same theme is great!

  47. Estera a says:

    Love this overall look! Perfection

  48. Michelle H says:

    This is my fave, so pretty, feminine and the level of detail is superb! Hands down winner in my view.

  49. Stella says:

    wow, this is absolutely stunning…!!

  50. Sura says:

    Absolutely stunning – one of my favourite colour combinations at the moment.

  51. Catherine says:

    Beautiful cakes and backdrop. Love the soft colors. ๐Ÿ™‚

  52. LiAnn says:

    Love everything about this!

  53. Alisha fountain says:

    Love this Leo and Bella display x

  54. It was a hard choice as there are others I would love to see win also, however I could imagine attending this party and having a wonderful time. The cookie boxes are so gorgeous, I also love the clean lines and colour palette. Love it all ๐Ÿ™‚

  55. Regina says:

    Well done my love

  56. Helen Colyer says:

    Pink and pretty, well done ๐Ÿ™‚

  57. Krissy g says:

    Love the colour scheme and the chevron prints!

  58. I love grey with pastels….this is elegant,simple and it showcases the printables pefectly. I do love the girls surf party also for thesame reason,the elegance of simplicity.SOmetimes less is more. The backdrop is just amazing. Well done Daisy for this beautiful set up.Very elegant and stylish.

  59. Caz says:

    Cheveron +pretty frills = <3 l

  60. Ruth says:

    Gorgeous palette, gorgeous styling. Love!

  61. Daniela Jayne says:

    Completely in love, the backdrop is gorgeous and how about the cookie box so beautiful Daisy xx

  62. I love this one by Daisy at Leo and Bella. The colours are so soft and pretty.. It really showcases the printables well.. Great job Daisy.. you got my vote!!! xxx

  63. Soooo in love with chevron right now! This is one gorgeous table!

  64. Kiran says:

    Good work

  65. Rekha says:

    I luv everything bout this tabble

  66. Navin says:

    Very nice keep up the good work

  67. Awtar says:

    Really nice colour combination luv the rings
    My vote is with you

  68. Asia Ng says:

    Simple. Elegant. Chic. Romantic. Simply stunning!
    <3 <3 <3 and all the best!!

  69. Carly says:

    Love this!

  70. Rachel Wilson says:

    My vote goes to this !

  71. Nathalia C says:

    love it all

  72. Sim says:

    Good work luv the colours

  73. Jess Parker says:

    I was lucky enough to see this in person and I was most definitely swooning. Daisy is one of the most creative people I know and she certainly did an amazing job with this one!

  74. Abigail says:

    well done , Daisy!

  75. Beverly says:

    Loving it!

  76. Stella says:

    Well Done Leo & Bella….. Love the decoration…

  77. James says:

    Wonderful..!!! Simple and Sweet….

  78. jacintq says:

    very nice. i love it.

  79. Grace says:

    Amazingly Beautiful Daisy!!!

  80. Sonia says:

    The presentation is stunning! Nice combination of colours and it will bring soothing atmosphere. Everyone will loved it! Good Work, girls! Keep it up!

  81. YC says:

    This is so gorgeous! Love the color scheme too.

  82. Imelda says:

    Gorgeous presentation… Another master piece Leo and Bella!

  83. Amanda says:

    Adore this shoot. The colours and classic simplicity showcase the printables to perfection. The cakes are divine and my most favorite piece the cookie box with matching engagement rings. Styled to perfection Daisy! Xx

  84. Gordon says:

    a question is a comment?

  85. Jack says:

    nice 1…..is it in a mini size…?

  86. Jocelyn says:

    So elegant !! Love the style and colour combination !! sure will recommend to friends !

  87. chia teck ha says:

    nice design ๐Ÿ™‚

  88. Angeline S. says:

    Love the colors! well done Daisy!

  89. jet says:

    well done!!

  90. Alice says:

    Well done, Daisy. I absolutely love it.

  91. Jenny says:

    Absolutely stunning! Love the ruffles

  92. sheree says:

    love it! my favourite colour combinations too ๐Ÿ™‚

  93. Angel Gan says:

    Very nice! Very neat and very clean! Well done! Daisy.

  94. Kavitha says:

    Absolutely gorgeous colour combination! Soft and elegant. Perfect for a dream come true wedding ๐Ÿ™‚

  95. Alison says:

    Very beautiful…i love it !!

  96. Sheena says:

    Totally loving your job. Absolutely stunning. Keep it up!

  97. megan says:

    My fave!!!

  98. Nany says:

    Love everything about this party. Chevron prints are my favourite!

  99. Chin Ee says:

    Love it….^.^

  100. Lee-Ming Tan says:

    Beautiful setup! Love the colours and the little touches which make it perfection.

  101. Cassandra says:

    this is gorgeous !!! love every bit !!

  102. Georgia P says:

    This is my fave as its based around the chevron prints.

  103. Kelly N says:

    I love the beautiful combination of colours and presentation

  104. I-Ling says:

    Aweome presentation & I love it !

  105. Julie says:

    Beautiful! Love the colours and the presentation!

  106. Samantha D says:

    The colours are so soft they warm my heart x

  107. Denise Amon says:

    Definitely this one! it is by far the best one amongst it all. Chevron Rocks

  108. Jenn Sumko says:

    Hope this party wins.

  109. Mimi Vong says:

    What a clean, sleek and stunning design. Loving it!

  110. Louise says:

    Lovely and adorable!

  111. Sharon says:

    I love the simpleness and how it all ties in very well.

  112. Sharon says:

    I love the simpleness and how it all ties in very well. Thx

  113. Amanda Click says:

    Voting for this and hope to win!

  114. Jecka Nelson says:

    Leo & Bella captured the essence of the printables by TomKat the best.

  115. Jodie says:

    Gorgeous work Daisy amazing as usual!!

  116. Kelly S says:

    My vote goes to Leo & Bella!
    Love, love, love everything about this party! Just beautiful.

  117. RoanneS says:

    gorgeous……Love it & so Beautiful…

  118. Tzac says:

    Nice, feel warm, and happy.

  119. Jenni says:

    So simple and elegant. Just divine!

  120. Danielle says:

    I’m probably biased, but I love it. Daisy did such a beautiful job and really did a top job at making everything compliment the printables perfectly – which is what it’s all about!

  121. Damian says:

    Love the colours and the variety, my future would love this for sure ๐Ÿ˜‰

  122. Kirsty says:

    I just love the colour combination and chervon is my favourtie – So beautiful!!

  123. Chrissi Margaritis says:

    This table compliments the The TomKat Studio printables the most so I vote for Leo & Bella.

  124. Fiona Gillies says:

    The cakes and cookies are absolutely divine, the use of all white vessels are just just compliments the whole table.

  125. Sunny says:

    Well Done. I hope you win !

  126. Paige B says:

    Absolutely stunning work never fail to impress x

  127. Janet Mar says:

    My vote goes out to this table.

  128. Toni Fuller says:

    I would love my bridal shower to be exactly like this. What a talented bunch of people.

  129. Anastasia Petrop says:

    My wedding is coming up and this definitely something that tickles my fancy

  130. Eliza says:

    Fantastic work ! all the best.

  131. Chelsea Woods says:

    Wow ! this is my favourite gorgeous cakes cookies and sweets.

  132. Caryn says:

    Its hard to choose but i after reading what the competition is about. I think this dessert table should win ! Aussie girls are so talented.

  133. Lenora says:

    Daisy, this is really pretty. You have always been so good at all this !

  134. Emily Tifft says:

    Just pinned this on pinterest what a beautiful party

  135. Zara Dickens says:

    Beautiful dessert table and the printables are so sweet.

  136. Amelia Johnson says:

    I am a big fan of chevron and the colour pink, this is my fave.

  137. Mila S says:

    Simple, elegant & beautiful!

  138. Igor Skamo says:


  139. Bonnie says:

    This table looks 10/10, good job!

  140. Tae says:

    The dove grey and soft ink colour combo is so divine! And I love the little jars!

  141. Tae says:

    I adore the dove gray and soft pink colour way, so classy! And I especially love the little jars, I think they’re the perfect touch

  142. Dimitri says:

    Amazing!!! Soooo creative!

  143. Jennifer S says:

    Adore everything about this wedding shower.

  144. Nick says:

    101/100, Nice as always!

  145. Sara says:

    So gorgeous! I love pink and grey together. Nice job. xx

  146. Chris says:

    This is the cake I want for my daughter when she gets married!!

  147. Jodie says:

    after seeing this… I want to get married again! It’s soooo beautiful. So Classy.

  148. Lindsey says:

    You had me at chevron! Beautiful… sweet… classic!

  149. Lily Hiew says:

    so sweet & pretty! love it so much~

  150. Toni Barker says:

    Absolutely beautiful.
    Classical colour combination, with a modern twist.

  151. Michael Zeman says:

    All looks amzingly deliciuos! Yummmy!

  152. Beatrice Osmen says:

    Beautiful party with great attention to detail, I loved it all! You have my vote:)

  153. Alex says:

    SweetCheeksCookies you took my breath away once again!! Your work is amazing as always and you guys are truly artist!! Well done!! My vote goes to you!!xx

  154. Renee says:

    Amazing work as always ladies :o)

  155. Nicole Tropeano-Atyeo says:

    A stunning dessert table – so delicate.

  156. racheal says:

    So gorgeousn simple and elegant, love the ring cookies

  157. STEPHANIE says:


  158. Tenisha Lori says:

    absolutely stunning

  159. Julieanne Lam says:

    I absolutely love the sharp clean lines of the chevron print and the colours of grey and pink are a match made in Pantone heaven!! <3 everything about this dessert table from the cakes to the cookies Devine!!

  160. Suz says:

    love love love!

  161. camila says:

    It looks adorable and not overelaborate. Well an amazing work as always.

  162. Hannah Jane says:

    Definitely the best, not overdone like the rest.

  163. Lucy Mae says:

    Love everything about this party, the styling, the colours, the cakes, the cookies, the photography and love the printables by TomKat Studio

  164. Sandy Marton says:

    beautifully styled !

  165. Renee J says:

    love it all

  166. Rebecca Marino says:

    simply gorgeous

  167. ARABELLE says:

    You have a good eye for styling, the colour chosen is perfect

  168. Andrea R says:

    You are just amazing .. I have been following your work since you started and you have never failed to impress every single time.

  169. Yasmine says:

    Ive finally decided and i am Voting for Pink and grey chevron

  170. Madison swabo says:

    What a soft and soothing design

  171. Mandy L says:

    love it all …. Hope I win the voucher

  172. Katie Murphy says:

    Love this printable collection and the way it was styled! Can’t wait for it to come to the shop so that I can customize for my daughter’s first birthday!!

  173. Natalie says:

    Just beautiful Daisy. The details and your styling are amazing.

  174. Angela giokous says:

    Stunning! love everything about this

  175. Alice W says:

    Perfection with a capital P! I love the macroons that give the set up a pop of colour. A beautiful job!

  176. Bec says:

    This is truly the best styled party.

  177. Marlyn says:

    Lovely lovely design

  178. Mary Jane says:

    Those lovely cookies melt my heart

  179. love .. I bet any girl would love this

  180. Dannii says:

    Symmetri and simpleness equal chic

  181. Michael says:

    Amazing, what a brilliant presentation.

  182. Ellie says:

    It’s so soft, so pretty. I just love it. Great job to Leo &Bella and all the others that worked with you.

  183. Mel D says:

    Love this, what a gorgeous collection

  184. The whole array is just amazingly gorgeous!

  185. Emma Neely says:

    I love love love this one!! The colors are to die for!

  186. Alice says:

    Amazing, what a brilliant presentation, I love everything on the page, well done it would a persons dream have a table with that aray of goodies well done!!!!

  187. Wow what a statement a bit of contempary with a touch of class.

  188. Linda says:

    Beautiful! Love the rings!

  189. Jac says:

    By far the best! Love the cakes so much. ๐Ÿ™‚

  190. Nicki says:

    The cookie jewellery box full of cookie hearts & beautiful cookie rings – INSPIRED!

  191. Jurine says:

    simple and eclectic !

  192. Chantelle Green says:

    simpleness is the key to a beautiful dessert table I am really in love with this one

  193. Barbara says:

    Your work is so inspiring

  194. Carise says:

    absolutely amazing

  195. Ivana K says:

    This is the best table!!

  196. gracie chan says:

    Good luck and hope you win !

  197. Paperlark says:

    Stunning concept, brilliant execution. Gorgeous work Leo & Bella!

  198. So soft and pretty โ™ฅ Perfect for a girly get together!

  199. Angelina Cianciaruso says:

    Beautiful table!! Love the use of pastels – so pretty and feminine ๐Ÿ™‚

  200. Gitty says:

    Beautiful job. Love every detail.

  201. Raj says:


  202. Jackie says:

    Beautiful as always

  203. Penny Georgadas says:

    Love it! Colours work so well together, the backdrop is so cute too!

  204. Jon Green says:

    Lovely styling and beautiful colours.

  205. How can I nearly forget to say how much I love this table. Just gorgeous Daisy. X

  206. Tara says:

    I vote for this cake and setting!!! It’s beautiful!!

  207. Jemima says:

    lovely setup .. this is the winner !

  208. Prawnie says:

    So beautiful. Love the setup!

  209. Louise says:

    Love everything about this :o)

  210. Mulan Chung says:

    Simply and pretty

  211. ChrisChiang says:

    Lovely color, beautiful!

  212. Tiffany says:

    I love this simple yet detailed set-up! It’s warm, inviting and I actually never thought pink and grey would work so well!

  213. finie says:

    fabulous!! wish they were here in Malaysia!!

  214. Sharna says:

    So gorgeous, very pretty colours ๐Ÿ™‚

  215. Alexis says:


  216. Sin Han says:

    your work is lovely and gorgeous..feel sweet… ๐Ÿ˜‰

  217. Max says:

    Good colour coordination. Simple yet classy. Nice job !!

  218. I just love my friend Danielle’s work from Sweetcheeks Cookies & Cakes! Her work is just simply AMAZING!!!! Kudos to Sweetcheeks!!!

  219. Arnie Wong says:

    Gorgeous cakes from our Aussie friend Danielle from Sweetcheeks Cookies & Cakes! What a wonderfully coordinated table. The cakes are the highlight! Great job Danielle! ๐Ÿ™‚

  220. penelope says:

    i love pink and grey !

  221. Vesna says:

    Chevron is such a chic design, details on the cake is especially my favourite

  222. Dora Endota says:

    especially loving the cookies ..

  223. Andrea T says:

    just perfect

  224. farida khan says:

    splendid workmanship danielle ,all the best remember god is in charge wishing i would be like u someday soon best wishes to u all the way from guyana south america

  225. lavina abrioski says:

    what a talented bunch you all are. the combination is so beautiful x

  226. Rachel Green says:

    leo and bella never fail to do a perfect dessert table every time. Big fan of your work.

  227. Dena says:

    Stunning work!!!!!!

  228. Maria says:

    Hands down the most beautiful table design

  229. Kay says:

    Omg it so so beautiful and I so need to know
    How to make chevrons

  230. Julianna says:

    What a beutyfull display!!!The cakes are so pretty/chic!!!Awsome work done by Danielle from Sweetcheeks Cookies & Cakes!!!!

  231. Natasha says:

    So chic and modern x

  232. Cher Von says:

    This is my dream cake, would love one for my birthday.

  233. munzZe-Grace Thong says:

    The cakes are so beautiful n nice….. Amazing

  234. munzZe-Grace Thong says:

    The cakes are so beautiful n nice…. Amazing

  235. Camilla Finn says:

    Wow breathtaking

  236. Hannah says:

    I love this party a lot, it has the most beautiful desserts and cakes

  237. it'devine p events says:

    This is stunning,i love enm,keep it up friend.

  238. Tracy says:

    Love everything about this table

  239. Joanne says:

    Wonderful work as always

  240. Pink and grey is a beautiful combo. I love the cookie rings and the backdrop.

  241. Aaron Teh says:

    Very eye catching and appealing to the eyes.

  242. Hello May says:

    Love a chevron pattern! Beautiful

  243. Donna Setches says:

    Beautiful work Leo & Bella

  244. Kimberley Davies says:

    such a sweet design .. lovely party for the girls for sure

  245. Zoe Smith says:

    this is my vote !

  246. Wow, just love your work!!!

  247. Shelly Hendrickson says:

    No shower will ever be the same. The bar has been raised once again!!

  248. Cheryl says:

    Lovely design!

  249. Reena Kris ten Lim says:

    Love the pink ruffled backdrop, cookie tile box w cookie bands in it. โ™ฅ

  250. William Wright says:

    Gorgeous as always

  251. Donna says:

    What an awesome display of creativity! I love it all, but the rings are such a wonderful addition to the whole theme! Way to go!

  252. Shanice says:

    can’t wait for you to create something special for me

  253. Robin says:

    Stunning table

  254. Alexis says:

    beautiful beautiful beautiful

  255. Monica Gonzales says:

    The ring cookie is very clever

  256. Tracey says:

    What a lovely table setting.

  257. gEMMA says:

    Elegant, beautiful and delicious looking, as always!

  258. Addie says:

    Very chic and modern

  259. Paul says:

    Big fan of your work from functions

  260. Kelley says:

    Fantastic work. Love how the table is setup.

  261. Rhena says:

    Love the whole presentation!

    The chevron cake is gorgeous.

  262. Mandee says:

    Really sweet, awesome and nice!! Love it so much, keep it up!!!!!

  263. RosieRose says:

    So dreamy I just love it

  264. Nikki says:

    Nice work !!

  265. Pia says:

    Amazing as always Daisy <3

  266. Kristine says:

    I have to share this with my friends. I love the color combo and I’ve always loved the chevron theme.

  267. Alison Ho says:


  268. Cerina Wong says:

    Gorgeous design and beautiful color comno. Love it! โค๏ธ

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