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Gorgeous Pink Ruffle Cupcakes :: Cupcake Monday

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ruffle cupcakes smpHappy Monday, sweet friends! After the busiest week last week in TomKat history, it feels good to be back at my desk this morning catching up! I can’t believe I pretty much missed a week a blogging. That has never happened before since I started blogging four years ago! (eeek!) Well, you can assume that the hiatus was for a good reason and it was. I will be sharing what we were up to soon, as well as details about an exciting trip to NYC coming up for the TomKat team! In the meantime, it’s Cupcake Monday and I thought these gorgeous pink RUFFLE cupcakes were a perfect feature. These pretty little cupcakes were part of a beautiful dessert table styled by Amy Atlas for Valentine’s Day a few years ago, but this style would be perfect for so many sweet party themes. They inspired the cupcakes we used in one of our party shoots last week and they turned out adorable topped with printed cupcake flags!

Can’t wait to show you…


March 4, 2013

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  1. Patty K says:

    Always soooo sweet & yummy !!!!

  2. Just gorgeous! I’ll have to try my hand at these sometime ; )

  3. Pinned these! Beautiful!

  4. Jennifer says:

    So beautiful, and so glad I found your blog!! I can’t resist cupcake photos!

  5. Christina says:

    Those re the most gorgeous cupcakes I’ve ever seen!!! ….now I’m hungry!! beautiful!

  6. These are lovely! My daughter’s birthday is on Thursday and she would love something like that!

  7. Sara Garcia says:

    Too pretty to eat!! So gorgeous and yummy!

  8. Jessie says:

    Yum! Those are gorgeous.

  9. Ati says:

    Mmmmmmm yummy and gorgeous images what a great combination !!!!

  10. Tina Dahl says:


  11. Sandy Girard says:

    Wow!!! These are the sweetest little dainty cakes ever!!!!!!!!!

  12. Heather says:

    Love making cupcakes…getting ready to help host a fundraiser and I am in charge of dessert…might just have to add these to my list!

  13. Sarah says:

    These are GORGEOUS! Love them!

  14. Shio W. says:

    Those cupcakes look amazingly yummy!! How exciting that you have something big you’ve been working on!! Hope all is well and you are having a wonderful Monday!!


  15. Cupcakes are a must for every party and I always need new ideas. They are beautiful!

  16. Rhonda Weiland says:

    These cupcakes are beautiful! Is it possible to find a tutorial on these? or a step by step instructions, mainly need the tip used. I’m doing a wedding cake for a Young gal and these are the cupcakes she sent a picture of, but I’m haveing a heck of a time finding any instructions on the way these look, a lot of others out there but not that look like these. Thank You!!

  17. Janel says:

    I’m with you Rhonda!
    I would LOVE to see a tutorial or instructions (tip info in the least!) on how to achieve this BEAUTIFUL ruffle look!

  18. Pat Dattilo says:

    Please, please share what tip you used! These are the prettiest and classiest I’ve ever seen!

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