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Wickedly Delicious Monster Cookies :: Recipes

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Hello TomKat Studio Friends! It’s  Jessica from Pen N’ Paperflowers and I’m back today to share a special treat of such epic proportion it’s “spooky”!! This simple-to-make monstrous sized “Wickedly Delicious Monster Cookie” will absolutely knock the socks off your friends, neighbors, family and co-workers.   Trust me when I say, one cookie will feed a small family.

Proceed with caution as you scroll through the images. You may run the risk of slipping into a sugar coma before you ever get to the how-to for assembling and packaging at the bottom of this post…








MATERIALS NEEDED (makes 6 Monster Cookies)
12 Whole Large Chocolate Chip Cookies (homemade or store-bought)
2-3 Chocolate Chip Cookies crumbled for topping
Buttercream Frosting or other frosting of choice for filling.  I used the Buttercream recipe from Back in the Day Bakery Cookbook but you can use store-bought – amount depends on your preferences and size of your cookies.
1 – 12oz. bag Chocolate Chips (or chocolate) for melting and dipping
Wax Paper
Cookie Sheet (for transporting cookies to and from freezer – make sure it’ll fit your freezer).

Optional: (for creating the “green monster face” cookies)
White Chocolate
Green Gel Food Coloring
Candy Google Eyes
Green Sprinkles

Cover cookie sheet with wax paper and arrange 6 cookies bottom-side-up.
Spoon a good amount of buttercream frosting on each of the 6 cookies so that you’ll be able to clearly see it in the center after top cookie has been added and cookies are sandwiched together. Avoid adding too much to prevent frosting from oozing off the sides.
Top each of the 6 buttercreamed cookies with one of the remaining 6 cookies.
Place in freezer for 10-30 minutes.

Using a stove top or microwave follow the package instructions for melting your chocolate while the cookies are in the freezer.
Once chocolate is melted remove cookies from freezer and dip one side into melted chocolate.
Place chocolate-dipped cookies on wax paper and top with cookie crumbles.
Cool until set.(approx. 30 minutes)

Wax Paper
Divine Twine
Tape (for underside)
Diagonal Striped Black Favor Bags
Green Ribbon
Wickedly Delicious Monster Cookie Tags
Fancy Sign Paper Punch

Instructions for Packaging
Cut a piece of wax paper to wrap and protect each cookie. as well as to prevent the favor bag from soiling.
If needed, secure with tape.
Wrap with Divine Twine for a nice finish.
Slip wrapped cookie into favor bag.
Fold the favor bag over to close and wrap with a cute green ribbon.
Add your FREE custom designed Wickedly Delicious Monster Cookie Tags.

I loved using the TKS Diagonal Striped Black Large Favor Bags to package up these cookies-on-steroids! These will be perfect treats for my family’s annual “Operation Phantom Pumpkin” (Boo-ing). These are also wonderful treats to take into the office, up to the school or to that Halloween party you are either planning or just planning to attend.

Although these cookies are incredibly appropriate for this sugary season – if you opt not to use the candy google eyes you’ve actually got a treat for any celebration or season!

Create MINI Monster cookies by using smaller cookies and then use any of these adorable TKS packaging options:
Diagonal Striped MINI favor bags – Black
Halloween Silhouette Fabric Treat Bags
9″ Polka Dot Plates  for delivering a plate full


October 10, 2013

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  1. Tina says:

    I clicked on the link for the tags and it doesn’t seem to be working…..

    But, super cute idea!

  2. Tekeita says:

    I can’t wait to taste these. And thanks for the download! Gorgeous.

    • Jessica says:

      You’re so welcome for the download!! You’ll have to come back and share your results!! They are really, really tasty. (And I even prefer mine chilled in the refrigerator).

  3. Julia Bustamante says:

    I would love to have the Wickedly Delicious Monster Cookies recipe if you can make available. Thank you

    Julia Bustamante

  4. Hello again. I am having a party in 2 weeks and I was wondering if I can get the recipe for the Wickedly Delicious Monster Cookies? They look amazing.

    Thank you,

    Julia B.

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