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Nursery Reveal Featuring Shutterfly…

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Guest Post by Rennai Hoefer, Ten22 Studio

I am so excited to reveal our nursery and the beautiful Shutterfly Home Decor pieces that brought it all together! When planning my son’s nursery, I wanted it to be light, natural and cozy, with a nod to the outdoors. Having a place we can be comfortable and find peace in is very important with kids, so I also wanted to keep his room fairly simple with a clean color palette of black, white, grey and natural.

shutterfly_nursery017 shutterfly_nursery020

I started searching Pinterest for ideas and came across the Ulm crib from Spot on Square made of sustainably harvested solid birch and knew it was the perfect centerpiece to plan my nursery around.

Ulm spot on square

Once that was chosen, I thought canvas wall art would be the perfect complement for this focal point and turned to the Design-A-Wall tool from Shutterfly to create three coordinating framed canvases to hang above the crib with the picture window square layout.

shutterfly_nursery024shutterfly_nursery001  shutterfly_nursery023

I knew I wanted to incorporate more black and white and some of Everett’s newborn photos in the nursery, and loved the natural media options Shutterfly offers like canvas, metal and wood. I had an idea of creating a custom magnet board, so decided to use metal prints above the dresser. I selected three square metal wall art prints to hang above the gallery panoramic metal print I chose as the magnet board by using the Design-A-Wall tool again, and am so glad I did because hanging them was a breeze!

shutterfly design a wall

I started with the accompanying template, stuck the level on, and positioned it center above the dresser. Each piece also comes with an index card of where the top of the artwork is and where the hardware will be, so I attached this card in the coordinating spot for the magnet board, marked the wall for all four pieces, hammered, hung and stood back to admire my work!

shutterfly_nursery034 shutterfly_nursery031

The mountain design I had custom made from a local artist on Etsy with the specific dimensions needed. I love that I can use it now while Everett is small to hold pictures, trinkets or quotes and he can use it later for his artwork and achievements as he grows.


shutterfly_nursery041 shutterfly_nursery045

I completed the dresser area with Shutterfly’s photo gallery photo cubes to document each month of Everett’s first year, with the first being his name, birth stats and newborn photos. Each month is labeled with a graphic I designed and photos from my camera or iphone.

shutterfly_nursery051 shutterfly_nursery053 shutterfly_nursery057

I love this way of visually displaying his growth and little changes, and he can play with them as fun numbered building blocks when he gets a little bigger.


I already had the rocker when I started on his room, so to tie it in I chose two photo gallery pillows in 18×24 and 16×16. On the larger pillow I used the same print as on the photo cubes and for the smaller pillow I chose artwork that featured one of my favorite quotes from Where the Wild Things Are.


I love the two sizes together, I place the smaller under my arm and the larger provides great lumbar support while rocking my sweet babe and it’s the prefect size for his toddler bed later. One of my favorite traditions I started with my daughter and am carrying on with Everett is doing hand prints at birth, six months and one year old.



By ordering the hand prints as acrylic photo blocks, I now have tear, bend and waterproof displays for both kids, and no more fear about mishaps ruining their sweet prints.


Throughout the day I look forward to the time spent feeding Everett or just before naps and bed when I can sit and rock him, being completely present in the moment and reflecting on all the ways he’s growing, learning and changing. I ordered the photo gallery journal for myself so I’d have a place to write down all my thoughts, as an alternative to a traditional baby book. I like the idea of baby books, but they’re usually specific on what to write on each page, which makes me less likely to pull it out and record the little milestones. This journal allows me more freedom in writing down only the things I want to remember, like the first time he smiles, the ways I can make him laugh, or the many sweet ways his sister shows she loves him. These memories are priceless, I am so glad I have a place to write them, readily available and that I will actually use! I finished off the nursery with a couple throws, some photo prints, a plush rug to play on and some succulents. I love it so much, it’s the perfect space for this little guy and me.

shutterfly_nursery076 shutterfly_nursery046   shutterfly_nursery003


styling/photos | Rennai Hoefer, ten22 studio

framed canvas | Shutterfly Picture Window Square

metal prints | Shutterfly Three Square and Gallery Panoramic

wood photo cubes | Shutterfly Photo Gallery Photo Cubes

pillows | Shutterfly Photo Gallery Pillows

journal | Shutterfly Photo Gallery Journal

hand print blocks| Shutterfly Acrylic Photo Blocks

Ulm Crib | Spot on Square

crib bedding | ModFox

canvas art | Yellow Bungalow Shop

mountain design | CraftMei via Etsy

“I’ll eat you up” artwork | dotsonthewall via Etsy

journal art | The Motivated Type via Etsy

rocker/rug | Costco.com

curtains | West Elm

dresser | ikea

shutterfly nursery downloads

Download these designs HERE

September 8, 2014

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  1. Tina says:

    WOW Rennai….everything is so wonderful. It just oozes CALM……I love that. Although the furniture and prints are fabulous, I have to say for some reason my favorite item is the glass terrarium. So cute 🙂

    • Rennai says:

      Thank you Tina! The terrarium is from world market they have a few sizes right now, I love it too! Calm, quiet, peaceful; everything a mom of a toddler and baby wants right?

  2. Joanna M. says:

    I’m so in love with this room! And I love the artwork and photographs. I admit, I really liked the blocks more than I thought I would. Absolutely beautiful Rennai!

    • Rennai says:

      Thank you Joanna!! I really love them too! They’re really pretty and shimmery in person, I’m so happy with how they turned out!!

  3. What a beautiful and calming space! kids rooms are always my favorite! I love those photo cubes, what an awesome way to remember each month! Beautiful job!

    • Rennai says:

      thank you! They change so much that first year, He’s not quite 6 months yet and it already makes me miss him as a little newborn when I look at the first 3 blocks 🙁

  4. Siri says:

    Rennai, it looks so lovely! Your vision turned out perfectly and I really love the small touches like the blocks and the idea for a magnet board using shutterfly! Awesome! I love your photos, as usual. 🙂

  5. AK says:

    Love this nursery! Do you remember what paint color you used for the room?

  6. Barbara says:

    Amazing and beautiful! I love the pictures of your baby hanging on the wall 🙂

  7. S_Santos says:

    I absolutely love the photo blocks and the background you’ve selected. Is there any way you can make printable version of the tempates? I am so in love with them!

  8. tara says:

    i love your blogs. i’ve recently found out that i’m expecting! super exciting!
    I saw your shutter fly nursery post and love the dresser in the article. the credits say Ikea but i have been unable to find it online or in store. Can you help?

    • Rennai says:

      Hi Tara,

      It’s the mandal collection. It looks like they don’t have it anymore, but there are still some online through other sites 🙂 Good luck!

  9. Kati McG says:

    That is a beautiful nursery – I found your post as I was searching for the name of the dresser, which we have. I was hoping to find a matching nightstand, but alas, Ikea discontinued this dresser.

    My next question – that gorgeous side table next to the rocker…it is amazing! Where might I find it?

    Again, a lovely, lovely space.

  10. Stacy says:

    This is absolutely beautiful!! Would there be any chance (crossing fingers!!) that you know the name of the paint on those walls?! Perfection!!

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