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I’m super excited to announce that I am returning to speak at the Inspired Retreat by Amber Housley in September! I have had the pleasure of attending this retreat twice in the past, and both experiences were absolutely amazing. Inspired is truly a one of a kind business and lifestyle retreat for creative women entrepreneurs. I have personally gained so much from attending this conference, it’s hard to put into words. If you are a business owner working to grow your business, while balancing life and family… this retreat was made for you. One of my favorite things about Inspired is that is a small group of women and you actually get to spend time with every single one of the speakers/attendees and get to know them. It is very intimate and I will guarantee you will leave with new connections and bonds that will last well beyond the amazing days you spend at Inspired.


Who: Women Business Owners
What: Learning, Motivating, Inspiring and Bonding
When: Sunday, September 25th – Wednesday, September 28th
Where: Evins Mill Bed & Breakfast, outside of Nashville

Not sure if Inspired is for you? Read more about WHO Inspired is perfect for… it might just be what you need!


Wondering who the speakers are for the upcoming Fall retreat? Find them here! I guarantee you will be impressed. The amount of knowledge I have gained from the speakers I have listened to and talked with is immeasurable. Amber carefully selects each and every speaker for each retreat and continues to find the perfect mix of women who will inspire, motivate, encourage you (and sometimes make you cry, too.) The women I have met at Inspired have my heart and my back, and I couldn’t be more grateful for the friendships (and business partnerships) I have formed because of Inspired.

youre_invited_inspired_retreat_4If you like pretty things like I do, I promise that there will be an abundance. You will never lack for instagrammable content, I promise! And you might just learn a few tricks from moi about styling and photography! Amber sure knows how to welcome her guests with gorgeous, thoughtful touches throughout the retreat. The dinner parties are breathtakingly beautiful and every detail is attended to. Did I mention the serene setting where all of this takes place? Read on…


Just outside of Nashville, Evins Mill is a unique bed and breakfast that hosts the Inspired Retreat. It’s paradise. For this Arizona girl, getting out of the heat and into the woods is something I crave and long for. Attending Inspired gives me a break from the daily grind and let’s me focus and relax on my business on a bigger picture level. The natural surroundings are nothing short of perfection. My favorite thing to do is take a few minutes for myself each day to settle in on a porch swing overlooking and listening to the tranquil sound of the waterfall. I try to reflect on all that I have learned that day and make notes about what the next steps to implement them are.

youre_invited_inspired_retreat_6Amber and I are now working on our plan for what exactly I will be teaching and styling this year at Inspired, but I promise to make it great. Like I said, you feel so connected in this small group of women, that it so comfortable to open up and share all. I love connecting with creative women who are passionate about their business and would be happy to take time to sit down with you and chat. I’m an open book!


My favorite thing to teach is photo styling, as it is my true passion and favorite part of what I do for my business, TomKat as well as other brands. You can count on a photo styling session with me during the upcoming Inspired Retreat.


youre_invited_inspired_retreat_9Are you ready to join the club of incredible women that have attended Inspired? 

Remember….registrations are limited to only 30 seats to allow for close connections, relationship building and access to speakers and attendees.

Time to get on board! Take advantage of the Early Bird rate now through 8/5, and as a bonus…

Use code TOMKAT at checkout for an additional $200 off registration!


Missed the early bird registration? You can still use the code TOMKAT for $200 off the registration fee, through 8/31/16.

Still have questions?

I am happy to chat with you to see if this is the right conference for you! Send me an email at kim@thetomkatstudio.com


July 20, 2016

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