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What I’m Packing: Cruise to Havana…

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You may have heard that we are going on cruise to Havana, Cuba to celebrate my 40th birthday this month! I am so, so excited! We are going with friends (adults only) and it’s sure to be an incredible trip! I’ve been ordering a few fabulous things for our trip and I thought you might like them too! If there’s ever a time to splurge a little bit, it’s for your birthday, right? Here’s a few fun things I’m packing…

Diff Sunglasses: One of my BFF’s introduced me to Diff sunglasses… have you heard of them? Well, I tried on the two pairs she had and loved them both, so I am anxiously awaiting the arrival of my own! Not only are they super stylish and high quality but they aren’t super expensive like so many other brands! Another cool thing about Diff? For every pair of sunglasses purchased, they donate a pair of reading glasses to someone in need. Awesome! Shop here (get $10 off your first order)

Suede Crossbody: I picked this up the other day at World Market and I think it’s perfect for traveling! Small, light and hands-free. It will fit my phone, battery pack and essentials. Not to mention, the tan suede fringe is super cute and goes with everything. Get it here

Floppy Hat: While you’re shopping on/at World Market, grab this adorable hat. Not very many hats look good on me, but I LOVED this one when I put it on in the store. And… it’s on SALE… only $12.58. I bet I’ll be wearing this a ton in Cuba to protect my aging skin from the sun! 😉 Get it here

Kate Spade Reserved Towel: How darling is this towel? I’ll have my cabana boy (I mean, my husband) run down and reserve me a lounge chair by the pool with this. I’m in love with it. Reserve yours here


Striped Tankini + Black Swim Bottom: This is my go-to swimsuit of the season. Mossimo finally got it right and re-shaped their tankini tops last year. In my opinion, they used to have too much fabric at the bottom and I feel like they finally streamlined them. Hooray! Finding a good tankini in a cute pattern is nearly impossible, so I’ve been living in this suit all season. I have it in green too. I love that it is strapless so you don’t get any weird tan lines and that the bottoms have cute bows. Get the tankini top here (lots of colors) and the bottoms here

Must Have Battery Pack: Since my iPhone is the only camera I’m bringing, it’s very important to me that my battery stay charged! This handy, dandy (and super cute) battery pack is amazing and I always use it on trips! It’s super small and super awesome. You need one, trust me. Get it here

Day Trip Backpack: I decided I needed a backpack to take along on our days off of the ship, exploring. I ordered one similar to this one a few weeks ago on sale and it’s adorable! I’m sure I’ll be able to use it for many trips in the future, too!  Find it here


Kate Spade Going Places Straw Clutch: This was a birthday gift to myself, because I had my eye on the large bag that matches this but missed out on it when it went on sale. I snagged this one up on sale and it literally just arrived at my door as I’m typing this! It’s so freaking cute. Seriously… and “going places” is certainly perfect for where I’m going! Grab yours now before it’s gone

I hope you liked my shopping picks, and if you’re interested in following along on my trip, be sure to follow me here on Instagram!

Bon Voyage! 


gold sunglasses  |  crossbody  |  towel  |  hat  |  black sunglasses  |  tankini top
bikini bottom  |   battery pack  |  backpack  |  clutch


July 5, 2017

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  1. Laura says:

    Wow! Everything is so cute!!! I hope you have an amazing trip!!!

  2. Tina Dahl says:

    That clutch is so dang cute!!!! Have so much fun on your cruise!!!!! Xoxo

  3. Amber Powell says:

    Love this little pre-trip round up! Happy 40th, enjoy your trip!

  4. Meredith Nelson says:

    Wish we could come on this fun trip!!!!! ????
    Please take lots of pics!

    • Kim says:

      Oh how I wish you could too, my sweet friend! When I think of going on a cruise, I think of the Nelsons! Miss you xoxo

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