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{Inspired By} Amy Atlas Events

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I know that I mention Amy Atlas all of the time, but I realized I have never written a dedicated post about her and her gorgeous dessert tables. Most of you probably follow her every move already, but just in case you haven’t seen her work, I thought it would be fun to highlight some of my favorite displays she has created.

Vintage Birds & Blooms for Brides Magazine
Photos by Andrew McCaul

More details HERE

I discovered Amy through HWTM, when started blogging. It was an amazing to read about her story, and how she left a career as a lawyer to pursue this creative endeavor. As most of you know, my previous life was in real estate. Her story shows us that switching paths to do what you love most, can be wildly successful!

Amy’s work has been featured in major magazines including multiple issues of Martha Stewart Weddings, InStyle Magazine, Brides Magazine just to name a few. View all of her press here.
Pink & Yellow Diamond Dessert Table
{photos by Mel Barlow}
More Details HERE

Moroccan Inspired Dessert Table
{photos by Karen Mordechai}
More Details HERE

Not only is Amy uber-talented, she is a very sweet person as well. The morning she featured my lollipop invitations on her blog, Sweet Designs, was a VERY big moment for me. I was beyond thrilled. Last week, she featured my dessert table from Kate’s Fairy Garden Party, and again, I was elated. It is amazing feeling to be recognized by the very ladies that inspire you.

Thank you, Amy for being an inspiration to me and so many others!

Read a fantastic interview that Amy did with Holly at Decor8 last year!
She talks about making the switch from her career as a lawyer, and gives advice about getting into the party planning industry. It’s a great read!
{all photos via Amy Atlas Events}

April 8, 2010

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  1. Lindsey {Bella Grace Party Designs} says:

    She sure is an inspiration for us all!

  2. Pretty Party Studio says:

    Even more inspiring than her gorgeous tables is the fact she left a secure job to do something crazy! I am certainly finding comfort in that as I am finding my feet trying to do something similar!

  3. Sharnel says:

    Lovely post Kim. I agree, she is one super talented and kind woman.
    My favourite will it's really hard to pin point just one! They are all awesome.

  4. Jess says:

    she def has an eye for design!

  5. SAMBELLINA says:

    Hi Kim – Great post and such great food for thought !! I was an IT software developer for a bank (yawn !!) How much more joyous and inspiring is it to work with your passion instead ?? Congratulations on your features – Amy Atlas is one special talent and has changed parties forever x

  6. Manu says:

    So inspiring!!!
    Love it!!!

  7. Jenin says:

    Yup, I know the feeling of being unhappy with your career, and wanting to follow your creative dreams. I'm a lawyer as well, and I'm wrestling with the desire to give it all up and pursue my passion…

  8. Meredith Nelson Photography says:

    SO beautiful and creative..Love the last photo..

  9. Dawn says:

    Hi Kim! YOU are now inspiring people the same way Amy Atlas inspired you. Your blog gave me inspiration as I was planning my son's first birthday party that took place last month.

    I had so much fun planning his birthday that I am now following this new creative outlet for myself! I am working on a baby shower now and two more birthdays hoping to build a portfolio and gain experience. Maybe one day I can leave behind my current career and do this full time.

    So, thank YOU for the inspiration!

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