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{Real Parties} Fabulous "Up" Inspired Birthday Party

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Kim recently was a judge of a Party Design Contest over at My Insanity, and when she came upon this Up inspired Birthday Party, she was blown away {pun intended}. Wendy from Wendy Updegraff Photography threw this party for her daughter’s 7th birthday, and the details and styling of the table setups were amazing! Balloons and vintage suitcases as decor…gorgeous! Lollipops, popcorn, soda bottles are all perfect movie snacks. Oh the cake! Those fondant circle balloons, amazing! All of this and the viewing Up on an outdoor screen….fabulous!

 Thank you Wendy for allowing us to feature this fabulous party! You did an amazing job!

 Please visit Wendy’s blog for more photos and details!

February 24, 2011

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  1. Shannon says:

    I love this party theme. The cake is absolutely adorable . I check in with Tom Kat Studio everyday for inspiration and ideas on to be a more fun and creative mom…Thank you for sharing and as usual “Great job!”

  2. Wendy says:

    Oh what a fun birthday and what a pretty birthday girl. I love the cake & the suitcases. Smart.

  3. Leila says:

    I’m with you! I love to look here for inspiration and guidance, and these ladies are amazing!

  4. OMG…obsessed with this cake!!!

  5. Gloria WIlhelm says:

    So adorable! We love that movie. Beautifully done. I too visit your site often for awesome ideas.

  6. Erin Van Gieson says:

    LOVE this party!!! Beautiful job and what a fun idea for a birthdya party! Thanks for sharing with us!!!

  7. selena jacobs says:

    I LOVE this theme! Do you think it could be adapted for an 8 yr old boy who loves movies!!

    • I would think it would easy to adapt to a boy using Russell, Kevin and the Spirit of Adventure more as the theme with some boy scouts badges and stuff thrown in the mix.

      I had already planned to do outdoor movie night for my daughter this year to make her birthday more layed back (than the typical extravaganza) but this may have changed all of that. lol

  8. Flor Chong says:

    Very inspiring ideas! The suitcase was a very very smart idea!
    Just in case somebody is looking for more crafts, you can find it in disney website (familyfun.go.com).

  9. caia says:

    Beautiful! How cool would it be to adapt this for a 5oth birthday bash? Never to late to write your own adventure!

  10. Renee' says:

    This is stinkin’ cute!!! My three kids are all teenagers now and still love that movie…maybe I could get my son to change his mind from a “Frat” party with a root beer kegger to an “Up” party for his 16th birthday….hmmmm…don’t think that’ll happen 🙂

  11. Truly fab party and one amazing cake!! Love it!

  12. Oh I love this party Kim! It’s so pretty and colorful!

  13. Eloïse says:

    Could this be any sweeter! The cake is amazing, really inspiring thank you for sharing!! Plus those marshmallows on a stick, love the table display…love everything!!!!

  14. Marci Nunes says:

    I’m from Brazil and I do it… Parties! Your parties are wonderful! Parabéns!

  15. Djamila says:

    Thanks a million for this, Martha. For some time now I’ve been lkcoed in a pattern of self-pity whining about not having enough friends, the rudeness/coldness of others, and this article is helping me see things in a new light. I’m so relieved to have some effective strategies to work with! Thank you!

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