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Simply Sweet Valentine's Day Giveaway :: $300 Value

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Today we are hosting a giveaway for many of the items used in the shoot I did to showcase our Simply Sweet Printable Valentine’s Day Collection! Winner will receive our printable collection along with a 3-tier Martha Stewart cupcake stand, a set of our red and white favor bags and heart straws. Also included (get excited), is your choice of  fabulous photography backdrops created by my sweet friend, Marsha of The Savvy Backdrop/Savvy Photographer! Lucky for you, we spotted another adorable heart rose wreath at HomeGoods and grabbed it for the giveaway (I couldn’t give mine up!). To top it off, our winner will receive a $50 credit to The TomKat Studio!

Winner will receive:
Simply Sweet Valentine’s Day Printable Collection
Choice of Savvy Backdrop ($199 value)
White Rose Wreath from HomeGoods
White Tiered Cupcake Stand
24 Red Heart Paper Straws
24 Red & White Striped Favor Bags
100 brown greaseproof cupcake liners
+ $50 Shop Credit to
The TomKat Studio

The widget below makes it super easy to enter! Either use Facebook/Twitter to enter the contest. You have 3 chances of winning.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

February 3, 2012

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  1. Mrs. Cox says:

    Thanks for the chance! Just an fyi the FB link for the savvy photographer isn’t working in the Rafflecopter form. But I’m already a fan of them 😉

  2. Emily Kephart says:

    Thank you for the chance to win

  3. Lindsey says:

    I entered and am SOOO excited! I hope I win! I want to do a business launch Valentine party focused on mother-daughter love, so this would be amazing. Thanks for the opportunity!

  4. Cara says:

    The widget made it super easy to enter! Thanks for a chance to win some great products. 🙂

  5. Jeffrey says:

    Great giveaway, but I think you should throw in the cupcakes too!

  6. Sophie Diane Kovatch says:

    It was so easy to enter thanks for the link! Beautiful stuff, shared so my friends can enter too!

  7. donna says:


  8. Karri Reiser says:

    Thanks for the great contest.

  9. Stephie says:

    Love this Give-a-way, I hope I win!!! Thanks TomKat Studios you are truly amazing! Brilliant!

  10. Dawn Mitchell says:

    Thank you fro the fun contest!

  11. Heather G. says:

    What a fabulous giveaway!! I love it all, especially that cake stand!

  12. Rachel says:

    Thanks for another awesomely sweet giveaway. This would be a fun one to win!!

  13. Jessica says:

    Can someone tell me where you found that cupcake stand (assuming I don’t win)?

  14. Cora says:

    Where do I go to enter? Or did I just enter myself?

  15. Shawna says:

    wow! This is an awesome giveaway. This is the first giveaway in a long time that I’m super excited for. Fingers crossed. Toes too!

  16. Millissa Murdoch says:

    Doing my sons valentine party at school… This would be the bestttt party ever :))) I love it!!!!

  17. Thank you Tom Kat Studio for this amazing Giveaway! Hope I win!!

  18. Stephanie says:

    Entered 🙂

  19. Kendra Morales says:

    Thanks for the giveaway of cuteness!!

  20. Amanda says:

    Like both fb pages:)

  21. Brenda says:

    What a wonderful giveaway! Thank you. And, good luck to all who enter! 😉

  22. Ali says:

    Such an adorable giveaway! I am a FB liker and Twitter follower of it all! Hope I win, so fun!!! Thanks!!

  23. Zepequeña says:



  24. Sonia carriedo says:

    Great contest!! 🙂

  25. marla kuehn says:

    Great giveaway!!!…love the new way to enter! Fingers crossed!

  26. Nancy says:

    So great to give all of this away! 2.14.76 my “boyfriend” gave me a jewelry box for Valentine’s Day. I thought his family was weird because they were all standing around watching me open a Valentine present. It wasn’t just a Valentine present, it was A VALENTINE PRESENT!!! He looked straight into my soul and asked me to marry him as soon as I opened the box and found my engagement ring! That boyfriend is has been my husband for 35 years, and Valentine’s Day has always been our special holiday.

    You are sure going to make some lucky winner smile every time they think of Valentine’s Day! Thanks for sharing.

  27. Lana says:

    Wonderful giveaway. Love, love, love Valentine’s Day! Absolutely love your blog!

  28. Valerie L. says:

    Thanks for a chance at such an amazing giveaway! 🙂

  29. Shelly Clark says:

    I love all things Valentine’s Day, I mean love, love, love

  30. Meg says:

    Wonderful…thanks so much!

  31. Kim Linton says:

    wow, I love it all! Thanks for the offer!

  32. Florence says:

    What a great opportunity! Love your products and have been pleased with what i have purchased.

  33. Trisha Wright says:

    I would love to win this package. Who can go wrong with all of these pretties?!

  34. Amy L says:

    So cute!! And I loved the easy way to register to win!

  35. Amy J says:

    What a beautiful display for Valentine’s Day! Thank you for offering the giveaway!

  36. Sharleen C. says:

    Thanks for the chance great giveaway!

  37. Christina M Bollinger says:

    Thanks for the amazing giveaway! What beautiful items

  38. terri says:

    yayy! what a fun giveaway! thanks for hosting! xo

  39. Joyce Meurer says:

    Love all the Valentine’s goodies! Will make any party extra- special!!

  40. Camila says:

    Thank you! can you enter more then once?

  41. Sarah Weiss says:

    I entered. I hope I win. I want to use it for my daughter’s baby blessing luncheon!

  42. Norma Aloy Antunes says:

    I want so much to win…. I think I’ll enter 100x times as a nother friend up there did!! Thanks anyway!

  43. Vicki says:

    Is there a way for those of us who are not interested in facebook or twitter to enter the contests?

  44. Erin F says:

    Love It! I’m a FB and Twitter follower, naturally 🙂

  45. kim t says:

    So cute! Would love to win. I love all of your ideas! I too love Home goods!

  46. Sandra says:

    Thanks for use Rafflecopter, that makes it so much easier.

  47. Malia says:

    This was the best user experience in entering the blog contest. Keep the widget!!!

  48. Rosie says:

    I’d love to wind this one! Thx, R

  49. Michelle L. says:

    Thanks for this fantastic giveaway! Crossing my fingers… 🙂

  50. Jen G says:

    Love it. Hope I win

  51. Kathy Potter says:

    Thanks for the oppurtunity to win..I hope I do. Love all your stuff.

  52. Jenna Fones says:

    Love everything!!! Those backdrops are precious

  53. Your items will make my 10th anniversary so much sweeter~ Thank you for the awesome opportunity!

  54. Jasmin says:

    I so want one of those backdrops!!!

  55. deloris says:

    Thank you for the opportunity to win such great items, what a blessing it would be to win this I would have a special “love” party for my little Sunday School class.

  56. Carrie Price says:

    Would LOVE to host a beautifully decorated party with these things! Great Job Again!

  57. Carie says:

    So I came across you this past summer when I was planning my sister’s baby shower. I am so thankful I did. Every time I see something you posting Facebook, & now pinterest, I am inspired with new ideas. I would love to use your goodies for valentine’s day. Those backdrops are also beautiful. I actually was just looking into purchasing a couple for pictures of my kids. If I don’t win, thanks for the link. I hope to keep getting inspired by your creativity.

  58. Deanne H. says:

    Beautiful, just beautiful. I would love to win this!

  59. Amanda D says:

    I LOVE all of the goodies in this prize – would love to throw a little valentines day soiree with all of them !!

  60. Eliza says:

    Great backdrops!!! So cute.

  61. jenn says:

    So adorable! Love, love, love!!!

  62. lee says:

    Love the wreath and backdrops!

  63. Tiffany Carlton says:

    Thanks for this giveaway!!!

  64. Dusty says:

    I love beautifully coordinated party stuff, I just don’t have any, lol! Thanks for the opportunity!

  65. Sar Tann says:

    Oh this is such a wonderful and generous giveaway. Thank you . 🙂


  66. Sara says:

    Absolutely LOVE your stuff!

  67. Colleen Hoffman says:

    I love this giveaway!! Thanks so much – and the new entry method is so easy! Awesome!

  68. malinda garcia says:

    Just adorable, wish me luck!

  69. EmilyG says:

    This is great, thank you

  70. aggie says:

    How lush!

  71. Jeanette heyns says:

    Good day all the way from Sunny South Africa. I follow your website, blog and posts religiously and you and your magical party ideas and inspirations are always a blessing and of great help. All elements and coordination and ideas of your parties and displays, always look so fresh, modern and lovely! I hope I stand I chance to win this prize as it will make my day! I am planning on hosting a Valentines party with a few of my close friends and their partners and this sure will be the cherry on the cake! The cupcake stands would be great with some red velvet cupcakes on display… Sipping strawberry juice through the paper straws seems so perfectly fitting! The backdrops leaves me speechless as I have always wanted one! Your printables always rounds a party off and “pulls the whole theme together”! The whole prize is amazing and I would love to win! Fingers crossed! 😉

  72. Melanie says:

    Fantastic prizes, how exciting!

  73. Becca says:

    Ohhhhhhhhhh—I hope you pick me!
    What a FABULOUS giveaway! : )

    Thanks–and Happy SuperBowl {food} Day!

  74. Fanny says:

    Aww ! Let’s play ! Thank you

  75. Whitney says:

    Oh my gosh would love to win these beautiful things!

  76. Anna Prusa says:

    Oh my goodness I hope I win! I love everything in this package and it would be perfect for the party I am planning. Also, that raffle widget is very very cool! I haven’t seen that yet, not sure if you are one of the first or if I don’t enter enough contests:)

  77. Regina says:

    What beautiful work! Would love to win!

  78. ken L says:

    thank you for the opportunity.

  79. Nicole says:

    I would LOVE to win this!

  80. Judy Signoriello says:

    Oh I would so so so love to win this, I always enter giveaways and have never won so fingers crossed!

  81. Renee Venegas says:

    Would love to win! Thanks!

  82. Deepa says:

    Love your stuff – would really love to win. Thanks

  83. Lauren Couch says:

    This is such a wonderful giveaway! I would love to win!! Thanks for the great opportunity 🙂

  84. cristine colon says:

    What an awesome giveaway!
    You are the coolest Kim!
    Good luck everyone!

  85. Monet Silva-Caldwell says:

    Hope it’s me! 🙂 Love your stuff!

  86. AH!!! This is so up my alley. I would LOVE it all. Every single bit!
    You are so talented. I love your cute & creative style.
    Thanks for sharing it.

  87. Muyell Vergara says:

    Love your work

  88. Nery Bond says:

    Such a fabulous gift! Oooh!! Pick me, my students will get the most chic party EVER!!!

  89. Lori says:

    What a terrific giveaway! Love your products and all of the inspiration ~ I enjoy baking cupcakes and decorating them and sharing them with the ladies in the clubs that I belong to! And they love them too!

  90. Corinne scullie says:

    Love all the fabulous products and the table you put together. Would love love love to win this prize.

  91. Maria says:

    Quite different than the standard. Love it :0)

  92. Liz Saucier says:

    What a great giveaway! Good luck everyone

  93. Jessie says:

    How Beautiful! Love everything about it. My fingures are crossed.. pick me, pick me lol

  94. Gabby says:

    Wow!! What an awesome giveaway!! I would be tickled pink if I won it! Keeping fingers and toes crossed!!

  95. Vanessa says:

    Love love love the giveaway, would love to win!

  96. Amie says:

    Love it all:)

  97. Love the use of gray and red! One of my favorite color combos that is definitely under-used! And the donuts in the jars…adorable. I pretty much love everything in jars and can’t wait to steal that idea!

  98. Angela Willis says:

    What a fun giveaway! Thank you!


  99. Shea says:

    Hope I win! Always love your stuff!!

  100. Leslie says:

    Devoted fan and customer. Thanks for the opportunity to have a beautiful v-day. <3

  101. Ynessa says:

    I love it all! Such a great giveaway. Thanks for making it possible 🙂

  102. Carrie says:

    wow. wow. and wow. too cute and sweet:-)

  103. Wendy says:

    LOVE styled shoots!

  104. Thanks for the chance to win these awesome goodies!

  105. Richele says:

    Amazing tablescape! What an inspiration!

  106. Patty McLean says:

    So excited for the chance to win. Everything “Saavy” is always “sensaational”!!!

  107. Gertie says:

    What an awesome giveaway!! 🙂 nothin better than sweet love & goodies.

  108. What a wonderful giveaway! I’m crossing my fingers already 🙂

  109. Nicole says:

    Thanks for an awesome chance to win great stuff!! You guys rock!!9

  110. Krissy says:

    What a great giveaway! Thanks so much for spreading the love.

  111. celeste says:

    Happy Valentines day! crossing my fingers!

  112. Joanna says:

    Thanks for the give-away! I’ve been wanting a floor just like that!

  113. Dana says:

    Thx for the giveaway! Fingers crossed ♥

  114. Dana says:

    Thx for the giveaway!! Did all three. ♥

  115. Love you guys! Thx for the chance!! 🙂

  116. Linda S says:

    What a nice Giveaway!! I have never won anything! Thanking you.

  117. Mimi says:

    Wow, a cool giveaway! I love your blog- full of inspiration!

  118. renee says:

    Beautiful and lovely … the collection, the giveaway, and your gorgeous blog. I am inspired weekly by your blog … puts me in a happy place!

  119. tisa says:

    Great give a way! Love your stuff!!!

  120. Ann says:

    Great products and fabulous giveaway. Disappointing to enter and find out right at the end that it is open to USA residents only. Would have felt more open to have stated that in the post.

  121. Angel J says:

    cool items!!!

  122. Angela N says:

    What a cute set of props!!! I love it! Thanks for the ideas!

  123. Ana Cáceres says:

    I love your ideas, you are wonderful. Thank you very much! 🙂

  124. Michelle Roth says:

    It is all so beautiful !!! Thank you for sharing !

  125. Debbie Callaway says:

    Nice giveway! Thanks!

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