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New Series :: Party Theme Thursdays

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One of my goals this year (is it really May already?!) is to create more structure for our blog editorial calendar. When I started out, keeping up this blog was the main component of my workload. However, over the years my attention has been spread to so many other aspects of this business that I am often scrambling to get something fantastic posted so that you have something fun to read daily. I applaud bloggers who post multiple times a day, as it takes quite a bit of time and effort to create compelling blog posts. Camille Styles is my idol in this department. She posts two to three times a day, with a high percentage of original content she has created herself including recipes, party styling and design inspiration. I love receiving her updates because I know I will discover something new and fabulous that I haven’t seen before. Sure, I can grab a few photos, write a blurb and call it day (we all do it sometimes!) but I hope and strive to share original ideas and projects more often than not. I think the best advice for bloggers just starting out is that original content and ideas are key! Do something different than what everyone else is doing!

Sorry, I just got lost in my thoughts about blogging and went off track. Back on track….

It has been a tremendous help for me to have designated days for certain content, like Cupcake Mondays and Fabulous Friday Giveaways. With the help of a group of amazing contributors, we rarely miss a day of blogging. However, it has been really bugging me how many party themes and DIY party projects that we have worked on that haven’t been shared or added to the shop. It is very time consuming (especially if you are a perfectionist like me) to design, print, assemble, style, photograph, edit, create collages and blog about each theme/project. Our goal is to offer you the best selection of printable partiesfabulous party supplies to go right along with them and show you how to create your own amazing party. So, to motivate me to get going on this goal, I am starting a new blog series today, Party Theme Thursdays. We hope to share a new theme each week or highlight some of our most popular existing themes. This is my first commitment. Next, I hope to designate a day for sharing Party Project Tutorials…Tutorial Tuesdays, perhaps?

I would love to hear from you!
What are your favorite things to see on the blog?
What can I share with you that will help you create your own fabulous party?

May 3, 2012

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  1. Wendy says:

    You’re right on it. I was going tu suggest tutorials! Many of my friends would love to throw special celebrations but just do not know how to assemble this, create that….
    Tuesday Tutorials would be fabulous!
    I am SO looking forward to your Thursday series!
    And on another note, congrats on the PBK gig!
    Also, missed you at SNAP!! I was looking forward to hear about your journey and what you had to say…
    Next year maybe???? 🙂

  2. Lisa Frank says:

    I love this idea! I’m currently in the planning stages for my soon-to-be 3 year old son’s car birthday party. I’m aiming for more of a general car theme {with VW bug-style rounded car shapes, not race cars} and I’ve found quite a few ideas, but I’m surprised that a lot of the top party printable designers don’t have packages for this theme {lots of race cars and trains and construction vehicles, though}. I’d love to see your ideas, Kim!

  3. Mary Gies says:

    I am so excited for the prospect of Tutorial Tuesdays. It would be very fun to learn just a few of your ‘tricks of the trade.’ I would especially like to learn how to make a backdrop for a dessert table or photo booth. Thank you for all of the inspiration!

  4. Caron says:

    Yes, I agree that Tutorial Tuesdays would be a great addition to your lovely blog. I have six children (ages 5 months to eighteen years) and I work full time. I love to throw my children parties with memorial touches whether it be in the decorations or food (whatever their interests are). I am just a little short on time and funds. Any tips on throwing a great party on a budget or decorations that can be done quickly and still look lovely, would be so appreciated!

  5. Tina Dahl says:

    Great idea Kim! What also may be helpful for people planning parties is to provide some sort of sample timeline of a typical party. I know personally start thinking and planning my kids parties at least a few months ahead of the party which may be too much for some people, so maybe a month before, two weeks before, week of and day of the party tasks so people so aren’t so overwhelmed by the whole “process.” I know this helps me tremendously…plus having a TON of to-do lists 🙂

  6. margie says:

    Great idea, Kim! (…and I totally get the ‘I-don’t-know-how-some-bloggers-blog 2-3 times-a-day’ thing!) I would love to see all your party designs in action, and love the tutorials you already have (medallions, etc.) *HINT* I’d love to see a December tutorial on those adorable stocking holder frames you made several years ago (when TKS was just being born 😉 They looked absolutely fabulous on your mantle and I loved the personal touch of a favorite photo for each family member.

  7. I’d definitely love to see the party theme days! Maybe include an inspiration board on Pinterest with DIY projects that compliment that theme. That way folks can hop over to Pinterest and click on what strikes their fancy. Then on your blog include one thing you tried yourself and let people go from there.

    I know personally, I love to see simple and easy to make/find things that my guest of honor and party goers will love. For kids (and adults!), I know it doesn’t usually have to be as complicated as we like to make it!

    I’m a Pinterest addict, so I’m always available to help! 😉

  8. Toni K says:

    I love this idea, I am obsessed with parties and would love to see more fabulous ideas from you. There are so many amazing themes out there that I know you would have good ideas for. Looking forward to Thursdays now!

  9. Twila Logan says:

    Love all the comments/feedback listed above so won’t repeat. Great idea to showcase party themes each Thursday. Just ask that I can see a spa party theme as that’s what I’m planning for my daughter’s birthday 😉

  10. Lisa says:

    I always enjoy seeing your full-blown parties with tons of wonderful details. But sometimes it’s also overwhelming and I tell myself I could never accomplish nor afford such a party (not that I don’t have the desire or the ability, just not the time or budget). Have you ever thought of featuring simple parties with, say, five or six features ? It would help a lot of us who want to throw a fun party but can’t dedicate as much time to the planning. (Having your new shop available will also help with that so I don’t have to go to a 6 or 8 different websites to find all the decorate/party things I need – thank you!)

  11. Thank you SO much for the sweet words, Kim! That means a lot – it has definitely taken time for me to get to a point where I’m able to post fresh, original content on a daily basis, so I encourage any aspiring bloggers out there to just keep at it. Practice really does make perfect, and I wouldn’t be able to do it without the talents of my amazing team!!

  12. Stephanie says:

    Kim, I ADORE EVERYTHING you do!!! You and your blog have been such an inspiration to me and I support you in all your endeavours!! I love the idea of Theme Thursday, but I especially LOVE LOVE LOVE the idea of a Tutorial Tuesday!!!!!! I get excited just thinking about having that kind of insight into the whole process of how you make these fabulous parties come to be!
    I completely agree with Tina, Caron and Marie; backdrops, timelines, and budgets. And of course, ANYTHING else that comes out of that genius brain of yours!!
    Thank you so much for your blog and sharing your ideas and your talent! I look forward to all the fantastic things you have instore for us!

  13. Lorena Guerrero says:

    Love it , love it, love it! Tutorials would be perfect!
    Thank you Kim!
    Love everything on your web page!

  14. Heidi says:

    First of all you are my party girl when it comes to inspiration! I would love to read tips/ learn how to style dessert tables, and of course DIY party decor tips would be great!

  15. paulina andrade says:

    Me encantan todos tus diseños, gracias por compartirlos , asi como tus tips.

  16. This is a wonderful idea. I can’t wait to see all the new ideas you have to share. The Tuesday Tutorial is also a GREAT idea. You have such wonderful ideas and I would love to know how to do re-create them.

  17. KatieP says:

    This is such a timely post. I’ve been so inspired by your parties. We just celebrated my son’s birthday yesterday, and I always have trouble planning things through. As I was setting up the dessert table, I was wondering how you plan things out. What is your timeline like? How do you know what desserts, foods, etc you will serve, how you will display them, and what printables you need? It seems like a vicious circle to me. I can’t print my printables without knowing what I will serve (cookies, cake pops, cakes, etc) but by the time I figure it out, I feel like i don’t have time to get everything printed! I’m also wondering when you typically set everything up? I don’t start until the day or two ahead, but again, I don’t exactly know what I need until I start. I guess I have trouble visualizing everything until I start laying it all out. So, any advice or tutorials on the planning process would be very helpful!

  18. Angela says:

    Can’t wait for Tutorial Tuesdays! Cool! I am also excited about the Party Theme Thursdays as I am ready to purchase a collection for my son’s upcoming birthday. 🙂 Thanks for all you do!

  19. Kim says:

    Thank you for all of the feedback, ladies! I can’t wait to be able to focus on providing more fresh content to help inspire your parties!

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