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Boston Cream Pie Cupcakes :: Cupcake Monday

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My favorite donuts have always been Boston Cream. One of our local grocery stores makes the BEST ones and whenever I shop there, I can’t help but get one (or six). I spotted some Boston Cream Cupcakes last week online and they looked so amazing, I thought I would share them today for Cupcake Monday!  Here is the link for the recipe, along with a few other recipes I found while searching. Yum!

America’s Test Kitchen Boston Cream Cupcakes
Martha Stewart’s Boston Cream Pie Cupcakes
Woman’s Day Boston Cream Cupcakes

I can’t wait to try them. Which one looks the most delicious?

June 18, 2012

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  1. Tina Dahl says:

    YUM is right…wow, those look delicious!

  2. those look way better than a donut, yum!

  3. Oh, my gosh! Those look insanely delicious!

  4. A donut + a cupcake combo = a VERY happy me 😀

  5. Shelley says:

    Oh my, oh my, oh my….. I’m pretty darn sure this is exactly what this pregnant momma need right now. Right. Now. 😀

  6. sandyb says:

    All I could say when I saw these was HOLY MOLY I want one!!!!!! Thank you for doing the “legwork” and find these awesome recipes for us!

  7. Kim says:

    Trust me….when I spotted that top photo, I nearly jumped in my car to head to the bakery! Yummy!

  8. Oooooh my goodness, those look absolutely divine! And with the individual cupcake servings, there’s a chance I’d stop at just one. Right? 😉

  9. Cara says:

    Maybe it’s because I’m on my iPad, but how do you actually get the recipe?

  10. Hi Kim, I’m the online managing editor for America’s Test Kitchen. Thanks so much for loving our Boston Cream Pie Cupcakes! Is it any surprise that it’s one of our all-time top 10 posts on our blog? http://www.americastestkitchenfeed.com/test-kitchen-community/2012/10/top-10-feed-posts-of-all-time/ Cheers + happy cooking, Christine

  11. Glasreiniger says:

    Uff, I just found this pic on pinterest and beacause of its delishesness I had to follow. So I found your blog and this wonderful recipe. I love Bosten Creme Donuts but these cupcakes…. I am speechless!

  12. Laura says:

    I don’t see the recipe for the Boston Cream Pie cupcakes. Where should I look, please?

  13. Kim says:

    Do NOT use the Martha Stewart recipe. I am a culinary school graduate so you can trust me on this. What a waste of time!

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