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Cute Candy Tube Easter Carrots :: Easter Ideas for Kids

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Hello sweet TomKat Studio friends! It’s Jessica from Pen N’ Paper Flowers and I’m “hoppy” to be back with you today to share a really cute idea just in time for Easter. I’m sure Peter Rabbit would absolutely approve of you stuffing these adorable candy carrots into the Easter baskets you are preparing this year. I can even see these being incorporated into any Spring celebration – like this Rooted in Love themed garden party I styled. They are crazy-easy to make using the clear candy tubes from the TKS shop!


Candy Tubes
Orange Shimmer Sixlets or Gumballs from Sweetworks
Wooden Skewer
Green Tissue Paper
Fringe Scissors (for the carrot top)
Scotch tape
FREE Easter Tags (optional)


Create the fringe for the carrot tops.
Using the fringe scissors cut strips into the edge of green tissue paper. (You can use regular scissors to create fringe too but these Fringe Scissors are a dream to use – making the task a breeze). Using regular scissors, trim the section of fringe from the larger piece of tissue paper leaving about 1/4″ of an edge as shown in photo below. Starting on one side, roll the fringed tissue carefully, being sure not to wrinkle or cause folds in the fringes. Twist the bottom tip of the rolled up tissue paper tightly and wrap with a small piece of scotch tape.


Assemble the tissue carrot tops.
Remove clear cap from candy tube. Poke a hole in the cap using a wooden skewer. Make the hole bigger by inserting a blade from a pair of scissors and twisting. Twist until you feel the hole is big enough to insert the taped tip of the fringed tissue paper carrot top. (I chose to use a wooden skewer to make the initial hole instead of just using scissors in order to keep the process safer as well as to have more control over the size of the hole.)


Insert the tissue carrot top into the prepared candy tube top. The hole you made should be tight enough to keep the tissue in place. Pull as much of the tip of the tissue into the cap so there’s no chance of it falling out.


Insert orange pearlized sixlets or gumballs into the candy tubes and close with the cute carrot tops. Tie on these watercolor carrot Easter tags for a finished look.



ANOTHER OPTION: Add a few green shimmer sixlets (or one green gumball) just underneath the cap to add contrast to the orange candies and to blend into the cap. Either option is adorable. 


I hope you LOVE today’s post. If you happen to be obsessing over carrots lately as much as I am, you might also love these posts too: DIY Edible MINI Spring Carrots and this adorable children’s book entitled Carrot Soup. (there’s a delicious recipe in the back of the book too)!

April 16, 2014

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  1. Tina says:

    So adorably cute!!!!!

  2. Thank you Tina!! So happy you like them!!

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