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Today I am sharing all of the details of how I decorated the kids “floor” of our vacation home! When we looked at the house to buy, we loved how it is two levels, with the lower level perfect for the kids. It has a bedroom, open den and full bathroom downstairs, as well as it’s own front deck. I knew I wanted to create a bunk room that would sleep lots of kids for when we would have friends and family visit. I found a local woodworker to build a custom bunk bed that is a full over full, with a twin trundle. For the den, I went with a daybed that could function as a couch during the day but offer an additional sleeping area, as well.

vacation_home_0655downstairs3You all know how much we love working with Pottery Barn Kids. Well, our lovely friends at PBK let me pick out a few things for decorating the kids space! I have loved this Hudson table and chair set since we used it for our Vintage Airplane PartyIsn’t it adorable?

vacation_home_0712Here is a full list of decor sources…

pottery barn kids :: brown rugby stripe bedding, kids table and chairs, chevron rug, bronze depot pendant
ikea :: white daybed, map pillows
world market :: wood wall map, cloud metal sign
marshall’s :: burlap pin board, board games
lowe’s :: industrial track lighting



July 3, 2014

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  1. Patricia says:

    Just found you blog and really enjoying everything.

  2. Susie says:

    Looks cute! However, I feel saddend by the trend of bloggers no longer blogging for the sake of sharing ideas and inspiration but rather for the sake of earning income and free goods….

    • Kim says:

      Hi Susie,
      While I appreciate you sharing your opinion, the amount of work that goes into creating content and inspiration shoots is well worth compensation. By working with brands we love, bloggers can continue to share ideas and inspiration, but also make an income to support their family and lifestyle. I don’t know many people who work for free and bloggers shouldn’t either.
      Not to mention, the amount of traffic, support and comments on blogs has gone down, so readers cannot expect bloggers to continue create amazing content not only for no pay, but for no positive feedback.
      I am curious, have you ever left encouraging comments here on my blog?

      • Jessica says:

        In addition to what you mentioned, Kim, I think it gives us the opportunity to expose our readers to brands they may not have heard of…or wouldn’t have considered using the way a blogger did. (ie Shutterfly. I never considered them for home art until I saw bloggers using it that way)
        While I understand a readers frustration with a series of sponsored posts, I believe if the product(s) are relevant to the blogs purpose, then by all means share away. #mytwocents

        • Kim says:

          Thank you, Jessica. I totally agree. We are helping increase awareness of brands that we believe in. I would never partner with a brand that I didn’t truly love the product(s). I believe that there is a happy balance of providing inspiration and incorporating sponsors and I hope that I am example of achieving that balance here on my blog.
          Thank you so much for chiming in! xoxo

          • Heidi Lee says:

            Shutterfly and Pottery Barn are pretty much equally known these days…don’t you think? I LOVE your blog and have always appreciated your ideas. Props to you for getting someone like Pottery Barn to partner with you!!

      • Kelli says:

        Stay strong! I’m sure you’ve had so many rude, unsolicited comments that you can hardly count. Thank you for doing what you do. Showing us that women can have a successful (sometimes home-based) business by blogging. Never be ashamed that companies came knocking at your door when your blog became successful! Oh, and as a by product, you’ve inspired so many of us along the way.

      • Susie says:

        Oh, I’m only stating a sadness at the pervasive trend in many blogs that I used to love. I understand the bloggers perspective and the inordinate work that goes into one. But, the endless stream of product placement and advertisement is not why I frequent blogs. I expect that I’ll see a link for the bloggers “shop” and perhaps advertisements that I can click on for more info. But when it becomes routine content in the posts, I lose interest. I have disengaged from numerous blogs that I used to frequent. Perhaps others share this same sentiment contributing to the decrease in traffic, support and comments you mentioned.

        • Tess says:

          Susie, while I can somewhat understand your frustration with the increase in sponsored content, where else do you expect to receive fun, unique content for free?? You do not pay for the posts written on blogs. You do pay for magazines, books, and TV service, and those all have advertisements! To complain about sponsored content on blogs, content which is still relevant and valuable that you receive free of charge, seems petty.

          • Susie says:

            I’m not begrudging the sold advertising space on blogs, or the links to the bloggers shop. I get it. But, like many people I get tons of free, unwanted catalogs. I frequent Pinterest, I receive countless emails directly from companies. It’s product advertisement overload, and I find it of limited value, and frankly often not all that inspiring. I frequent blogs for more substance than that. I’m not trying to offend anyone or hurt anyone’s feelings. Just my opinion and why I have had to become much more selective with the blogs I do still follow.

        • Heidi says:

          Everyone has opinions and frustrations in any given thing in life. But I think when we get online we forget that there are actual real people that we are criticizing. I can “feel” frustrated at a stranger for choosing a certain job, lifestyle, or appearance, but I would never have the indecency to go to them and tell them that basically regardless of their reasons or feelings, I don’t like what they do. But then we sit behind the safety of our computer screen and feel it’s okay to voice that which we know seine is going to read and be hurt from it. There was nothing productive, encouraging, or purposeful in your comment, you just wanted to let a hardworking, talented person who has built up a booming business from scratch know that she no longer interests you.
          I’m sure that one negative comment was good for you to feel better but it’s more important to remember that you are leaving it for a real person to read who has every legitimate reason to do what she does and who does it so well to now have to defend herself unnecessarily.
          I wish more people would feel the urge to encourage each other and not have to make everything revolve around their personal feelings of frustration.
          Good job Kim for being so transparent with everyone and not to mention so enjoyable and creative!!

          • Susie says:

            This will be my last comment. As a business owner myself, I know that perception of my customers is paramount to the long term success of my business. My comments in no way were a personal attack. Simply feedback on the direction of the bloggers business. I’m sure you have all given feedback to the business you frequent. An astute businessperson values the insight of all customers, because there is value in them. Even when it “stings” a bit.

          • Leslie D says:

            Well Said Heidi!!

    • shelley says:

      I have always admired Kim’s taste and so when she gives a whole hearted recommendation, I’m all ears. Obviously tons of hard work goes into this beautiful blog and I’m glad to know it’s helping provide an income for her sweet family. I’ve been so impressed to see women online doing what they love and figuring out how to bring in a little extra income. It’s empowering. 🙂 I guess we all see things differently, but I for one am a huge supporter of blogs that “get paid”. xo

      • Megan L. says:

        I think for certain blogs, yes, I guess you could say they have “Sold Out”. However, as a frequent reader though not always commenting. I love how True Kim is to her word. She works with brands she loves.

        Blogging can get expensive just with your time. Yes, it’s a choice a blogger makes, but why should they not get paid to promote a product they are already promoting?

    • I actually remembered a sponsored post Kim did last summer and pinned it last night. It doesn’t matter to me that there is a sponsorship aspect to it; the content and styling is still original and gorgeous. Blogging is expensive. So if a blogger can recoup some of what she invests in a way that is still true to the intent if her blog — which is what Kim does — then kudos to her.

    • Angel says:

      I agree with you Susie. While I do appreciate the time they put in, it is a choice they make. I do think their should be a balance.

  3. Stephanie says:

    Gorgeous. I love every single detail.

  4. Lana says:

    I love this! Thanks for sharing! Can you share the info of the company/person who made the bunkbed? We’re in the area and would love customized bunkbeds at our place too! 🙂

    • Kim says:

      Hi Lana!
      I found the company on Craig’s List and it was Mr. Bunkbeds. I believe he services the Phoenix and Flagstaff areas. Lifetime warranty. We love it!

  5. Mary says:

    I have been looking at that same daybed for a long time for our home office. What did you use to cover the mattress? Thanks so much!

  6. Charlene says:


    I also have that table from PB Kids and your room is gorgeous! Our playroom also functions as my office and I was wondering if you have suggestions for making a kid’s space and adult space work in the same room?

    And PS to Susie: I have been a blogger for over 5 years and I can tell you that the amount of work that goes into blogging is really a job :). There are some fun aspects- like working with great brands- but so much more you never see…. Coming up with ideas, writing the posts, endless emails, taking photos, editing photoing, creating the project, recreating the project because you didn’t like it or you lost the light, responding to comments, managing nonstop social media… I am not complaining at all just explaining that people like Kim make it look so simple but really there is a ton that goes on behind the scenes. 🙂

    • Kim says:

      Hi Charlene! Thanks for asking! I think you can easily make the room work for both by deciding on a color scheme that works for both the kids and your style. Nothing too childish and nothing too sophisticated. Once you decide on your color palette, just be sure to use child-friendly furniture in the space (avoid sharp corners, etc) since they will be spending time in the room. Make sure they have a defined play space so that you can get work done in “your” space while they are playing in “theirs”. Let me know if you need more advice or details!

  7. Wendy says:

    Hi Kim

    I have been following your blog, website and as you evolve all your other mediums for about five years. I think it is amazing and fantastic the way you turned your passion into what looks like a very successful and rewarding business. An inspiration to many. I love that you post where things came from because it may send me in a direction I didn’t know about. Can’t wait to see where you keep going and growing.

  8. I’ve been following your blog since the very beginning and your success is a huge inspiration to me (and many others, I’m sure!) I love reading your posts, regardless of whether they’re sponsored or not, and think it’s amazing that you’re now working with such fabulous brands! Your talent and genuine love for all things party, home decor and family shines through in everything you do, so thank you for sharing it all with us x

  9. Sarah says:

    Personally, I have a handful of bloggers that I follow because I love what they bring “to the table.” I am picky about who I follow because I don’t have all the time to keep up. One of the things I enjoy are the new products or apps they “endorse.” One of the trends I also noticed is that bloggers are blogging with integrity by posting that they are compensated but the opinions are their own. This speaks volumes because their blog is their “brand,” and being impeccable with their word is what keeps their readship going. It means something to me to have their “stamp of approval” bc their “name” is also backing up their endorsement. I also agree that some brands are already well known- like Shutterfly and Pottery Barn. But I don’t frequent their sites enough to know what they are offering- so I like seeing what products are new and see how others are using them. I wouldn’t have known what Shutterfly now offers had Kim not posted what she had done. I love her work, so it’s great to see that I can get them in other mediums too!

    And I also think that people forget that Kim has provided many many ideas and FREE printables for us- so it’s not all about the money. The printables she offers through her collaborations with Pottery Barn Kids are simply amazing. As a working mom, I am thankful that I don’t have to reinvent the wheel and can rely on these resources! Thank you!

  10. Another great post. I appreciate you sharing your time and talents with us. Keep up the good work…and kudos to these sponsors for also appreciating folks just like you and the value you bring!

  11. Kim says:

    What a beautiful room! I appreciate your blog and the inspiring, creative ideas you have shared. Keep up the wonderful job!

  12. Nina says:

    I appreciate your positive attitude and response to the above criticism. I have to say as a mother and entrepreneur myself, it’s been difficult to get past other peoples judgments…women mostly! Getting paid for what you love to do (and what you are EXCELLENT at doing btw) while being able to still mother should be praised now shamed. I’ve been following your work for years and can say that your work has changed my kids’ parties, and my home baking business for the better! People try to make me feel guilty for charging the prices I do for custom cakes. Like you said, no one I know can afford to work for free!!

    Thanks for paving the way for my own work. Keep on using your talents and bringin home the bacon!


  13. Beautiful space Kim! I always love seeing pictures of your vacation home, it’s always so cozy! Those bunks are awesome an I love all the decor finds! World market & PB are a fave of mine too!

  14. Just love what you’ve done here! So clean and simple yet stylish and fabulous – perfect for those kiddos!! 🙂

  15. Kasey says:

    What beautiful spaces you create?! Thank you for sharing your talent, it really is an inspiration. Keep doing EXACTLY what you do. Love ya!

  16. Natalie says:

    Kim! I love your vacation home. It has been a inspiration to our new home. As follower of your blog for several years, back when you blogged about the darling lollipop party for your daughter…I LOVE your blog and all the ideas I find here. Keep up the great work! You are an inspiration to many of us mommas!

  17. Julie says:

    I want to thank you for posting pictures and most importantly telling us where you got your furnishings from. Some bloggers dont want to give out there secrets. I appreciate the fact that you do. It gives us great ideas and I would have never have found our kitchen table and loving it, if you hadn’t posted where you got yours from. Remember this too, haters are always going to hate. <3

  18. shira palombo says:

    Hi Kim,
    Your decoration abilities are amazing everything is just immaculate and perfect!!! Can you share please where you got the cover for the daybed? I’m doing a reading loft for my kids and need a twin size foam mattress cover similar to that.

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