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How to Style a Gorgeous Entryway

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The front entry also known as foyer is the first impression that your family and friends experience in your home. It’s the first space that guests see when they walk through the front door and for many homes, it may also be a drop-zone after a long day or work, sports and school. So, why not make it as functional and of course as beautiful as possible! Today, we are sharing some of our favorite ideas and inspiration for creating a beautiful, welcoming space!

Lexi Westergard Design

1: Start with a Console Table or Bench
Our favorite furniture piece for the entryway is a pretty console table. A beautifully styled table adds a nice focal point when entering the home and provides a landing space for important items like keys and mail. Here are a few our of our favorite benches…

204 Park
204 Park

A bench is another great alternative that offers a place to sit to put your shoes on or scroll instagram for a bit while you wait for your friends to pick you up for happy hour.

house beautiful
Gaby Burger
House of Silver Lining

Here are a few of our favorite bench options…

2: Add Artwork or a Mirror – Fill the wall space with something beautiful that makes you happy. This could be one large piece of artwork, several pieces of art stacked, in a grid or side by side. A mirror is a great idea for the entryway as well, so you can take a peek before you head out the door!

The TomKat Studio

Here are a few products that would be great options!

3: Place a Small Tray or Bowl – Add a small tray or bowl to your console table to corral your necessities like your keys, mail and cell phone. If you get in the habit of always placing these items in the same spot, your will always know where to find them.

The TomKat Studio

4: Add Greenery or a Vase with Stems -To add style and soften the space, add a potted plant or pretty in stems in a vase.

Studio McGee

5: Style Books and Small Accessories – Stacked books are one of our favorite styling items. Make sure to use various sizes and colors to create a nice arrangement, and then add a small object or plant on top!

House of Silver Lining

6: Add Texture with Baskets or Pillows – To add texture and storage to your space, if you are doing a console that is open at the bottom, add a couple of baskets to fill the space. If you are doing an bench, add a few beautiful pillows and/or a blanket to add comfort and style!

Pure Salt Interiors
McGee & Co

Are you ready to spruce up your entryway now?

We would LOVE to see it and hear if these tips worked for you! Come post your “BEFORE” and “AFTER” photos on our new Facebook group!

April 24, 2020

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  1. Sandra says:

    Thank you for the inspiration… these all look great and love your work! The 4 frame link didn’t work for me and I couldn’t find the mirror on the link. Just wanted to to let you know in case others have the same issue. Thanks again!

  2. Kirstin says:

    Love your style. What a beautiful series of photos!

  3. Robbin says:

    Wonderful ideas. Thanks for sharing such amazing styles.!!

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