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Oooh….get excited! I’m sure you probably have heard about Amy Atlas’ new book, Sweet Designs. If you haven’t…you’re in for a treat. Either way, how would you like to win a SIGNED copy? Amy has been such an incredible inspiration to me since day one of starting my blog (read more here) and I can’t even express how proud and thrilled I am for her latest accomplishment. I had the pleasure of meeting Amy in 2010 at a Martha Stewart event! I can confirm she is just as sweet as the desserts she creates! We’ve all been waiting on edge to see the book and it was worth the wait! Here’s a peek at my favorite dessert table featured in the book:

Heavenly, right?

This week, we are giving one lucky winner a SIGNED copy of Sweet Designs plus $100 to spend in The TomKat Studio Shop to help you fill your next dessert table!

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Good Luck!

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May 4, 2012

Post Date:

  1. I have not designed a dessert table, but I have designed a few birthday party tables. I would love to set up an ice cream social table! 🙂

  2. Amber Maddux says:

    I designed a sweets table for my kiddos 2nd baseball theme’d birthday party. So cute & tons of fun 🙂

  3. Ashley A. says:

    I designed a food/dessert table for my daughter’s 4th birthday in March. The theme was vintage carnival and everyone loved it – I had so much fun and want to do more!

  4. Victoria says:

    I’ve never designed a dessert table, but I plan to decorate one for my daughter’s first birthday with a Marie Antoinette theme.

  5. Jennifer Adkins says:

    I love themed parties and designing tables!

  6. Kaytee Stice says:

    I wany Amy Atlas’ book so badly! Can’t wait to get my hands on it 🙂 The TomKat Studio has given me the BEST ideas for dessert tables for future parties!

  7. Laura P says:

    I love designing desset tables for my kids birthdays. The last one was for my 13 year old and was a lime/hpt pink theme. This month is for my 7 year old and I am doing a carnival/circus theme.

  8. Lauren R says:

    While working on my masters, I worked for a catering company, and I got to help design many! 🙂 My FAVORITE (even though it is a little old school) will always be the “chocolate” dessert table!

  9. Andria says:

    I have designed tons of parties but my latest was my son’s Mad Scientist themed party. It was extra spooky with a fun candy buffet and tons of science experiments!

  10. Monica Brown says:

    Huge fan of both Amy Atlas and TomKat!! Thanks for this awesome giveaway!

  11. Natalia says:

    I did one for my girl birthday and the theme was pink.

  12. Gayle S says:

    I designed a dessert table for my daughter’s 5th birthday – Pinkalicious style – pink cupcakes, strawberries, watermelon, pink lemonade!!

  13. Laurie says:

    Currently working on designing my niece’s shower and wedding dessert tables! FUN! 🙂

  14. rainy porter says:

    I just designed a yellow and grey chevron baby shower and the food theme was Chinese take out. It was awesome!

  15. Monica Brown says:

    I have designed a few dessert tables, my favorite so far has been an Easter themed 1st birthday party for my youngest daughter.

  16. Alicia says:


  17. Laurie Underwood says:

    i’ve never designed a dessert table because I’ve never had the chance to, but I’ll make sure I have the chance to if I win this book!

  18. Meghan says:

    I would love to design one for my wedding in September or for my friends baby shower this summer!!

  19. I love your blog and following you on FB. I have designed a dessert table and it was fourth of July-red, white, and blue theme. So fun! Thanks for all of your inspiration!

  20. Jennifer B. says:

    I have not designed a table yet, but my daughters 1st birthday is coming up and I am looking forward to creating one!!!

  21. Rena says:

    I made a butterfly garden dessert table for my daughters 1st birthday party. Amy was my inspiration!!

  22. Emily S. says:

    I love having parties with my friends and family and having a book that could help design a table for them would be awesome. The next table I know I’m designing is for a catalog party I’m having in June and it’s geared around cupcakes.

  23. Missy Van Wagoner says:

    No i havent designed planed a dessert theme yet. I did my wedding..does that count? haha
    I love amy atlas and all the fun ideas she has done. fabulous!

  24. Laurie says:

    I don’t Tweet/Twitter, but I did post to my FB page. Thanks for the opportunity!

  25. fawn strunk says:

    I have never designed or has a dessert table. I think that might be a good theme for my boy/girl twin birthday party. thanks

  26. I have designed a few small dessert tables for my son’s birthday parties. I think my favorite was the robot themed table.

  27. Karen S. says:

    Try to design a matching dessert table for all my parties… We’ve had Elmo, hello kitty, golf and colorful dots so far!

  28. Toni Thomason says:

    The most recent dessert party themed table I designed was for my son’s puppy party!

  29. Hollie Becker says:

    I haven’t designed a dessert table…yet! I’m thinking about a Strawberry Shortcake theme for my daughters birthday. That would be the perfect time to do my first!

  30. jodilee0123 says:

    I have made my own kind of fancy cakes before, but never designed a theme for a party. I guess I designed the tables at my wedding and made all our own decorations, but not a fun dessert table! With three little kids, I’m sure I will soon, though!

  31. Elissa Puckett says:

    Dessert table for a gray/yellow baby shower and dessert table for my daughter’s princess party using TomKat collection!

  32. Laura says:

    I am planning to do a candyland birthday party for my little girl~~

  33. virginia cabrera says:

    Thanks for the opportunity to enter in your giveaway, I absolutely love your work!!

  34. Jennifer says:

    Working on a Pinkalicous theme for my daughters 6th birthday! great ideas thanks!

  35. Just learning how need all the help i can get

  36. Heather M says:

    I haven’t ever designed a dessert table but I plan to this year! I’m planning on an owl themed birthday party for my daughter’s 2nd birthday!

  37. Lesley Hall says:

    My first dessert table was about 5 years ago…. an Easter dessert table done in red, orange and lime green!

  38. melissa greer says:

    I have styled a few dessert tables including a space theme, ladybug/garden theme, train theme, mickey mouse theme, love is sweet theme and a bee theme! I am currently working on an under the sea/mermaid theme, silly monster theme and a rock a bye baby theme!

  39. I designed a Candyland and Lollipop Party Dessert Table!!!

  40. candyland dessert table…it was fantastic

  41. Shannan says:

    I can’t wait to get a copy of this book and would love it even more if it were given to me as a prize!

  42. Crystal Tamariz says:

    My first dessert table was this easter. I tried to focus it around butterflies. I made butterfly cupcake toppers out of beautiful scrapbooking paper and carried the butterflies onto paper lanters purcahased here at TomKat Studio. I also put the butterflies onto straws for the kiddy drinks. (No straws needed for some mimosas!) I used a sheet from the Shabby Chic target collection with ruffles on it and a nice pink floral pattern as my table cloth. Improv is great!

  43. jodilee0123 says:

    I tried to post the link from sharing on my facebook page and didn’t know how to do that. But anyway, I did share on my facebook page! :0)

  44. Stephanie Larsen says:

    I’d love to win!

  45. Stephanie Larsen says:

    Liked you on Facebook!

  46. candice nutter says:

    Love seeing all the wonderful, creative and super delicious looking dessert tables. This giveaway is perfect timing for both my girls bday parties. Thanks for the chance!

  47. Elizabeth says:

    I designed my 2011 Thanksgiving dessert table after being inspired by The TomKat studio! It was the first time I ever set up a table specific for desserts. It was hit with my family!

  48. heather shaw says:

    I can’t wait to try my hand at some of these creative ideas! Pick me to win a copy of this book!

  49. Maureen Walker says:

    I just designed my first dessert table for my daughters first birthday party. It was tangerine, pink, and robin’s egg blue. We used several items from the TomKat shop… Paper straws, bakers twine, polka dot party cups, and your awesome paper punches. I loved how it turned out and I can’t wait to start planning for next year!

  50. Ann B. says:

    I recently designed a barbie themed dessert table for my daughters birthday.

  51. Brandi Davis Bryant says:

    I have never designed a dessert table, but my children and I would love to win so we could make a great one. Good Luck everyone. Thanks for the chance to win this giveaway.

  52. Claudia says:

    I’ve never designed a dessert table before but would like to try with my son’s upcoming bday!! Thanks for the chance to win!

  53. I designed a dessert table for my daughters 4th birthday. It was a Rapunzel theme. I made Rapunzel’s tower out of pecan rolls and cupcakes. I made her some cake pops and cupcakes and printed out some cute cupcake toppers and labels I made on my computer. I have also used the garden fairy theme from the TomKat studio, which was a HUGE hit. The colors are so beautiful. Can’t wait for my next party.

  54. Rosa says:

    I have never designed a dessert table but it would be great for my sons first birthday party. It would be the first time to plan a childs birthday party so im really excited!!

  55. Haley says:

    AH! Looks fabulous!! I need that book!! And some of those precious desserts! (;

  56. sarina says:

    I designed my first dessert table for my sons 1st birthday….a very hungry caterpillar style 🙂 I loved it and cant wait to do it again!!

  57. Wendy says:

    I have not designed a dessert table, but I need to. I have 4 kids & I am itching to start their parties.

  58. I have been inspired by you and Amy to design many a dessert table, but my favorites have been for my daughter’s Secret Garden party and for my nephew’s Safari party. 🙂

  59. Lauren Simione says:

    You and Amy give me so much inspiration – thanks for the opportunity to win!

  60. Tina Dahl says:

    Swooning…just beautiful! I would LOVE to win this book for all the amazing ideas!

  61. Brenda H says:

    My Rock Star Dessert Table was filled with chocolate-dipped-everything!!! 🙂

  62. Cristina Cordero says:

    I have designed two tables for my daughter and son birthday. I did Cinderella and Spiderman. I love to check ideas from Amy and you. I love her new book and I will love to win this. 🙂 thank you for the inspiration!

  63. Judy L says:

    I am working on my daughter’s party now…we are doing a movie night theme.

  64. I created a dessert table once for a fiesta themed bridal shower! Filled with bright flowers, maracas, glitter + desserts like margarita cupcakes, Mexican wedding cookies….& of course a beverage section with Margaritas! It was loads of fun! Thanks for the chance!

  65. Corinne says:

    Just designed a hot air ballon theme party for my daughter’s first birthday! Turned out so cute!!

  66. I created a Halloween table with different Halloween treats.

  67. Jess Leggett says:

    I designed a huge dessert table for my 30th birthday celebration called “Thirty, Flirty & Fabulous!” and the overall design theme was black, white & fuschia with accents of black & white houndstooth. It was truly outrageous.

  68. Amber S says:

    Fabulous! Would love to browse the beautiful ideas in this book.

  69. Boo Hartsell says:

    My daughter and I love to do dessert table for holidays and birthdays. We have done Halloween, Tiny Town Birthday, Mary Poppins, and next up ice cream party theme. Thank you the chance to win!

  70. Julie Rickert says:

    I have never designed a theme table, but would love to learn how.

  71. Morgan Thomas says:

    I have never designed a dessert table but I have always wanted to!

  72. Lynda P says:

    Would love to win and get some of the amazing ideas! Thanks

  73. Meredith says:

    I designed a Toy Story dessert table for my nephews birthday. I put army men around the food to tie in the theme.

  74. Renee B says:

    I’ve been inspired by both you and Amy. I’ve created a tea party themed dessert table for my daughter and a m&m table for my twin boys.

  75. Lillian says:

    I just created a dessert table this past Easter. It was fun to create and from now on I try to tie an event with a dessert table!

  76. mandi mella says:

    Would love a chance to design a dessert table! Thank you for your inspiration!!!!!!

  77. Bekkah L. says:

    I have designed a few.. my favorite was a peace sign party for my daughter Paige. Our color scheme was bubble gum pink, lime green, and aqua. She loved it 🙂 Thanks for the great giveaway 🙂

  78. Erin says:

    I designed a snowflake themed party for my daughter’s first birthday using the TomKat snowflake printables.

  79. Karlene says:

    Thanks for all the inspiration.

  80. Nicole says:

    I have never designed a desert table for professional events, only parties for friends. I would love to get into the professional business of Party events and decor

  81. Mindy shay says:

    I did a playdoh/crayola theme table, it turned out so cute. We used bright primary colored treats and candy. Made our own play doh and crayons, the party was a huge hit.

  82. Tina says:

    My husband and I decorated a Hello Kitty themed dessert/party table for our daughter’s birthday. Thank you. I hope I win! 🙂

  83. Esther Heavnzbrat says:

    For my son’s first bday the theme was a kite picnic. So we had kite shaped brownies and rice krispy treats and what not . Still looking into ideas for #2 child’s 1st bday party. Would LOVE to win this book for inspiration. 🙂

  84. Mary Gies says:

    I designed a Star Wars themed dessert table for my son’s 6th birthday (totally inspired by Amanda’s Parties to Go). There were Wookie Cookies, Death Star Donuts, and Star Cakes.

  85. Bridget says:

    I am designed a sweet shoppe birthday party for my daughter! Such great ideas in this book, would help me out a lot! I can’t wait! I love the lollipop invites TomKat desgned, so stinkin cute 🙂

    Thanks for sharing all your ideas!

  86. Missy M says:

    I’ve been waiting so long for this book!

  87. Missy M says:

    We did an all pink and black dessert table for my daughter’s 1st birthday, and one for halloween every year

  88. allison says:

    I have recently discovered TomKat Studio and am addicted! I would love to win this for my daughter’s mermaid party that is coming up!

  89. Theresa Sea says:

    I’ve never done a ‘themed’ dessert table before. Although I do love me some desserts! 😉

  90. Angie Franklin says:

    I’ve never designed a dessert table before, but I’m planning on doing one for my daughter’s 1st birthday!

  91. Megan Templeman says:

    I have never done one, but I am wanting to do one for my daughter’s 1st birthday party. I am thinking purple and gray!

  92. kristin m. says:

    i have yet to design a dessert table… would love to do something special for the kids’ birthdays this year! kristinmik at gmail

  93. Denise Terry says:

    Looks like the book is so full of amazing and inspiring ideas! My daughter is turning 8 this fall and I’ve promised her a big party this year. She is already talking about it and i’m sure we would both love this book!

  94. Yarimar Rios says:

    I designed a dessert table for my son 1st birthday. It was about Bubblicious, multicolor love it. I’m planning for his 2nd birthday.

  95. sandy says:

    I have never designed a dessert table. I have had a table with a lot of desserts on it and it was called a dessert table but since I have been following you – I now know what a dessert table is suppose to look like:)

    sandyb720 at gmail dot com

  96. Now that I’m a momma, I’m doing dessert tables all-of-the-time! No party is complete without one. My latest one was last week for my son’s 3rd birthday party. I was thrilled, just as much as my son was, to put together a Toy Story table that Woody and Buzz would be proud of. (As a previous WDW Cast Member, any party with a Disney theme is okay in my book).

  97. Denise Terry says:

    I did a candy store dessert table for my church’s annual trunk or treat event at Halloween. It was a big hit I’m told. It was a ton of fun, I know that!

  98. Jennifer says:

    My first and only dessert table was for my son’s 3rd birthday party and centered on the movie Cars, included lots of checkered flags, primary colors and metal…

  99. I’m very new to the whole dessert tablescapes and party planning, so I believe that Amy’s book would be a great resource. I hope I win!

  100. Georgia Athanasopoulou says:

    Wow! Fabulous giveaway! I really need this present in order to organise my sister’s upcoming birthday party!

  101. Janelle King says:

    I would definately love to win this, I love dessert tables…..

  102. Cortney says:

    The dessert table is always the main focus at my two children’s birthday parties! The themes have been butterflies, birds, surfing, pink lemonade pedicure party & I’m currently working on my son’s upcoming 3rd birthday which is going to be a “Little Man” theme with lots of mustaches, bow ties & neck ties. I would love to win the Amy Atlas book for some more inspiration! Keep up the amazing work ladies!

  103. Lacey b says:

    I made a bridal shower dessert table. It was pink and yellow

  104. Kari says:

    I would do a mother’s day theme, daisies and roses made out of sugar and sanding sugar on cupcakes. Yummmyy!!

  105. Rachel Coelho says:

    SO beautiful and inspiring!! I can’t wait for the next party at our house!

  106. Helen F says:

    LOVE making fun cakes and be creative with it!

  107. Kristie Martinelli says:

    I would love to win!! This would hep me plan parties for my 1 and 2 year old!! Thanks!!

  108. Brooke Vickery says:

    I would love to have this for my daughter’s first birthday party–elephant themed!

  109. Jennifer S. says:

    I always throw big parties for my girls’ birthdays. Our most recent was a Monkey Luau party with a dessert table that consisited of Monkey bread, banana cupcakes, white chocolate covered oreos w/ fondant banans, pina colada cake pops, and MUCH more! I LOVE a good partyscape!

  110. Nancy says:

    I haven’t ever done a dessert table, but I’d really like to someday. Top on my list would be a concessions stand for a sporting event party, with licorice ropes, kettle corn, boxes of candy, etc. Thanks for the great giveaway.

  111. Andrea Latham Kem says:

    I’ve nver done a dessert table so I could use the book to help me out! 🙂

  112. keara dallas says:

    Love the design inspiration! Will have to buy a copy of this book!

  113. Jennifer S. says:

    I posted on my FB wall, but not sure how to show the link to it? =(

  114. keara dallas says:

    We just had a luau themed shower. The dessert table had sand dollar cookies, sea urchin cake pops, sand pudding & a luau pork roast cake 🙂

  115. Shelley says:

    I’ve only done a few dessert tables but my favorite was a caribbean themed. I would love to win Amy’s book.

  116. Melinda T says:

    I haven’t, but would love to do one for my 31st bday! Just have to think of a theme!

  117. I am planning a style party right now for my daughter’s 4th birthday. Colors are coral pink, golden yellow and a touch of gray for the boys. Food/candy planned are marshmallows pops, pink wafer cookies, cookies with dresses and mustaches, old fashioned candy in yellow and pink, pink lemonade. I always have to throw fruit and healthy items on there as well.

  118. Manda says:

    I did a tangled theme dessert table recently for my daughters birthday. I used the colors, lilac, purple, light pink and gold.

  119. Erin Young says:

    i would love to pick a color theme….all white or something.
    or like a “kid” party with all the candy and treats that kids love. 🙂

  120. Ceilidh says:

    I designed a faux-ice cream themed dessert table before 🙂

  121. ashley says:

    I work for Pottery Barn Kids, and I am in love with your photo shoots! Not only that, but I’m a party planner, and have been inspired by your work. Continue showing your creativity! — It’s such a blessing. And in regards to the dessert table… I will be having one at my wedding reception! Very excited to pick out tasty treats.

  122. Kristin says:

    I’m working on a S’more Bar for an upcoming event – it has been hard not to eat the gourmet marshmallows I ordered online in advance! So fun to get inspiration on how to make it look wonderful. 🙂

  123. Jennifer R says:

    Would love to win!

  124. April B. says:

    I love beautiful desert tables! I would love to use this to design a desert table for a birthday coming up!!

  125. Heidi Smith says:

    I have never done a themed dessert table, but would love to start. This book would definitely help!!

  126. Kris Reynolds says:

    I have never designed a true dessert table, but my son in graduating from High School in June and I am planning on having a huge dessert table there for he and his friends.

  127. TracyR says:

    So inspirational! I love a colorful party.

  128. Kelsey says:

    I have done a few dessert tables for my boys’ birthday parties. I have used Amy as an inspiration.

  129. Liz St. says:

    I loved the dessert table I made for a going away party. Her favorite color is orange and yellow and I used that for the theme. It was in August and I used sunflowers from my garden. I would love to win this book and the gift certificate would be awesome in planning my daughter’s birthday party in June!

  130. I have designed many a dessert table, yes! My most recent was for my son Dean’s first birthday. The theme of the party was “The Dean’s List.” My next one is tomorrow, for a surprise 35th birthday party I’m throwing for my husband. It’s election-themed because, at 35, he can legally be president of the United States. Ha!

  131. Shakara says:

    My daughter’s 1st Bday party dessert table was cupcake themed. I think it turned out pretty good for a 1st timer.

  132. Joyce says:

    I am planning a dessert table for my son’s upcoming birthday party, so I would love to win this!!

  133. Joyce says:

    The last dessert table that I designed was for my son’s 1st birthday party. It was a Paul Frank theme.

  134. What a fantastic giveaway! I’ve done a handful of dessert tables – most recently for my friend’s 30th birthday – champagne themed!

  135. Nicole says:

    i would love a copy of her book! it looks amazing!!

  136. Chastity McCord says:

    Last year, I did a pirate theme for my son and a mermaid theme for my daughter…they loved it!!!

  137. Wendy says:

    This book would be the perfect addition to my collection, looks gorgeous!!!

  138. Wendy says:

    I mostly design dessert tables for my kids birthdays, and most of the time the inspiration comes from the Tomkat Studio!!! 🙂

  139. Kim Perez says:

    I’ve never done a dessert table like Amy’s, but I’m working on a little dessert table for a baby shower that will have cotton candy and yummy popcorn.

  140. Barb says:

    I can’t wait to get a copy of this book. I’m planning my daughter’s 4th birthday and would love to incorporate all the fun stuff she does.

  141. Shannon says:

    I am currently planning my daughter’s 3rd birthday buffet and dessert table. She is having a Fairy themed party so I am planing on hanging wings from the ceiling or on the backs of chairs like you did and making some pom-poms to hang as well. Of course matching cupcake and dessert toppers!

  142. Daisy says:

    Oh please enter me in this sweet giveaway!!!

  143. Jennifer says:

    I would have to say my daughter recent 4th B-day Tangle. It was just adorable. I can’t wait to get a copy of her new book and hoping to meet her in LA for her tour book signing.

  144. Janice says:

    I love both of yours style of planning events. So many ideas and I am inspired to create a beautiful setting for my sister’s baby shower this July.

  145. Jill says:

    I am currently planning a wedding dessert table for my daughter’s wedding this summer. I love the inspiration ideas from Amy Atlas and the TomKat Studio! You ladies are amazing! I am inspired to try things I have found on both sights, whether beautiful decorations, or pretty food!

  146. Bloom Designs Online says:

    Of all my dessert table- I love the Apple of My Eye theme table I did for my daughter’s 6th birthday

  147. Tee Wallace says:

    Love love love the color palette!! Great party!

  148. Kelly W says:

    Would love to win! Between Amy’s book and your website, I know I could pull off a great party!

  149. Tasha Phillips says:

    I have never designed a dessert table before. With all the inspiration in the book I’m pretty sure I could whip up something fan freaking tastic!

  150. Ruth ORellly says:

    OMG!!! I love all the pastel colors. Would love to win. You have inspired many of us to be more creative and to make every party a elegant and fun event.

  151. Crystal says:

    I am making my first dessert table for my daughters 6th birthday in 2 weeks!! We went with a pink and black Barbie theme. My favorite part so far is the cupcake holder I made. I bought a plain white cardboard cupcake holder and covered it in scrap book paper to match the theme it turned out beautiful!!! I would love to see all Amy Atlas’s ideas for future ones!!

  152. Yes, several. I aspire to be Willy Wonka so my favorite was acandy themed table, using jars adn vases and candies of all kinds. I also love to do mini dessert tables and cupcake tables especially. This book would help me so much!

  153. Stacy says:

    This past Easter was Easter themed. It was so cute!

  154. Andrea says:

    I have been wanting this book!! Want an amazing party! 🙂

  155. Trish says:

    I had an Princess table for my daughter’s fourth birthday – so fun!

  156. How exciting! What a great and fun giveaway!

  157. Jade says:

    I haven’t done a “desert” table, but I do try to do a nice table for the kid’s birthdays. I really liked the Lego themed one for my step son’s last birthday.

  158. Lora B. says:

    Amazing book! What an inspiration!

  159. amanda says:

    My dessert table theme was actually inspired by The Fairy Garden Party you sell in your shop.

  160. Incredible book by an incredible lady…can’t wait for my copy!

  161. Love it! I’ve done a Garden Fairy Dessert Table, Valentine’s Spa Party, Lil Super Heroes, etc.
    If I don’t win the book I will have to buy it! xo

  162. I had a bumblebee birthday party for my daughter’s 4th bday. Got a lot of ideas from TomKat’s bumblebee party from etsy

  163. Debora Harvey says:

    I haven’t done any dessert table, but I normally love the decorate the cakes. My favorite was Curious George!!! Fun!!!

  164. Love the giveaway Kim! I loved designing my son’s vintage carnival birthday last yeah! Was a hit with m guests!

  165. Lisa Pimentel says:

    Planning my daughter’s first birthday party table….princess frogs with pink & green dots.

  166. i did my first dessert table last spring for my sons Confirmation. It was light blue and white with crosses and doves.


    Waaaaaaao big fan, everything is so beautiful, can wait for win!!!!! xoxo

  168. Jazmin says:

    I could definitely use this for a party I’m planning in July! 🙂 Thank you for the chance to win!

  169. ana says:

    I.design my dessert/snack table on march and the theme was de circus for my baby boy

  170. Sharlene Piscitelli says:

    So far I have only done dessert tables for Christmas.

  171. Jada says:

    Cant wait to get this book. Winning it would be even better!!

  172. Terri says:

    I have never designed a dessert table before.

  173. Shannon Rea says:

    I was going to order this book. Hopefully I will win it instead! 🙂

  174. Mchele F. says:

    I need this book to help me design beautiul dessert tables! I know how to make the desserts…just need help with making them look pretty on a table! 🙂

  175. Anjie B. says:

    Beautiful book! It would be so much fun to have a dessert party and take inspiration from Amy’s book and from your shop! (Wonder if I could get any one to attend- ha ha!)

  176. Rosa says:

    My first table for my baby .may 18…..love your work .

  177. Ranya says:

    My most recent dessert table was a vintage train themed party for my son’s 1st birthday!

  178. Corie says:

    Designed a table for an Easter party

  179. MelodyJ says:

    No a never have. I would love to do a mystery theme someday.


  180. Cori says:

    This book looks amazing and, of course, your parties always look great!

  181. Allegra says:

    Dusty blue is my all time favourite 😉

  182. Stacy says:

    Last summer I designed a small dessert table for my daughter’s watermelon party. With inspiration from both Amy Atlas and the TomKat Studio, this summer I will create an under the sea/mermaid themed dessert table.

  183. Megan Boyett says:

    Sweet Designs looks wonderful. Can’t wait to read it.

  184. Megan Boyett says:

    The last table I did was Superhero-themed. Next up is a Mermaid party. Thanks for all the inspiration!!

  185. heidi greer says:

    i’ve yet to design JUST a dessert table….but am in the process of planning my 4 year olds birthday. so, hmmm…..maybe?!?!?

  186. Yes, I have. It was a Halloween theme.

  187. Vera Viegas says:

    You are such an inspiration !!!

  188. Michelle says:

    I recently “tablescaped” my daughter’s 7th birthday – a tea theme. Tissue poms, fabric bunting, one of my quilts as a tablecloth…..loved how it turned out (and loved putting it all together)! 🙂

  189. Rosa says:

    I love Amy Atlas! What a great giveaway!

  190. Jessica M. says:

    I designed an ice cream sundae bar for our wedding as the groom’s cake. It was fun!

  191. caryn grant says:

    I will be doing my very first dessert table for a photo shoot for a friends bakery. I would love, love, love to win this book!!!

  192. Natalie says:

    Never did one but would love to !thank you

  193. Sandy says:

    This looks like an amazing book. Would live to win it.

  194. becca holt says:

    I did an animal theme dessert table for my son’s 1st birthday party! It was so cute & colorful!

  195. Judith I says:

    I once planed a dessert table of chocolate delight. I had every kind of chocolate anything you could think of. It was fun and so yummy!!!

  196. jules p says:

    I have designed a dessert theme table. And the theme was “in the woods”. It was for a bridal shower. And the brides’ wedding colors were creams and browns.

  197. JoAnne says:

    I did a french poodle theme for my daughter’s first bday! didn’t turn our exactly how I wanted but practice makes perfect right? 😉 next up is a lavish princess for my daughter who will be 5! 🙂

  198. Lisa Frank says:

    I’ve designed probably 10-12 dessert tables & parties over the last few years, mostly for my kids’ birthdays and for baby showers. My themes have included rainbow carnival, pirate princess, children’s books, Disney princess, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Little Man-Mama Glam, elegant equestrian, and vintage travel. I LOVE getting caught up in a theme and thinking of creative ways to pull it off, which usually involves tons of handmade details and getting started months ahead of time so that I can do projects slowly and enjoy the process. I just got my first order from the TomKat shop in the mail yesterday–yay!–and a gift certificate would be SO fun to win! Amy Atlas is the queen and I’ve asked for her book for Mother’s Day, but a free signed copy would be even better. 🙂

  199. Marie Wickware says:

    I have yet to design a dessert table 🙁 I am looking forward to putting one together when we finish our basement as a just because we put in all this hard work party! Looking forward to it and looking at everyones great ideas!

  200. Anne Marie says:

    I have never designed a theme table but it sure would be fun to do so.

  201. Kimberly says:

    I designed a dessert table for my daughter’s Ni Hao Kai Lan birthday party last year. It included fortune cookie cupcakes, styrofoam flower centerpiece with all the characters from Ni Hao, Kai Lan, fruit snacks, ladybug mints..It was fun to create, but always looking for ways to improve.

  202. Kesha says:

    I have designed a dessert table! It was an Arabian Nights Theme!

  203. Jackie says:

    I have not designed a dessert table, but would love to put one together for my grandson’s first birthday. Since his room is jungle themed, I think a jungle animal theme would be cute to do. Maybe with baby animals, animal prints, with brown and teal and green being the main colors. This is a great giveaway, and I would love to be lucky enough to win. Thank you for the opportunity!

  204. Sandra says:

    I’ve done a Thanksgiving, Christmas, Valentines, Day, and Easter dessert tables. In addition, for my birthday the theme for the dessert table was Damask, and for my husband the theme was RC Helicpoters. One of the most fun was a Taste of Soul dessert luncheon for a senior citizens sewing circle. It is an absolute blessing to be able to do what I love to do.

  205. Brandy H says:

    Just did one for a Daddy Daughter Dance at school and used so much tulle, it was amazing!! So many people were asking to take the decorations from the table/backdrop hoem with them. I’d already promised them to a friend for an upcoming party of hers.

  206. Delia R says:

    I’ve made two attempts at designing a dessert table… a ladybug party and Eloise at the plaza…both were epic fails and don’t even come close to all the party pros I so admire like Serendipity Soiree, Amy Atlas, and Tomkat, who are all my favorites!:)

  207. Heather says:

    I have yet to design a dessert table. I have put desserts on a table, lol. But, I haven’t really had the chance to design one of my own. But, with lots of events forthcoming, there will be plenty of opportunities!

  208. Regina Y says:

    I’ve never designed a dessert table, but can’t wait to try it for my daughter’s birthday coming june.

  209. Karlene says:

    She does amazing work. Thanks for sharing.I have put together a dessert table or two. Monster Birthday, Beautiful to Him, Weddings.

  210. Barb DeWitt says:

    I have designed a couple dessert tables. One was for a baby girl’s first birthday. We had a theme of “cupcakes, cocktails and cardboard”. It was adorable!

  211. Wendy c says:

    I designed a ladybug dessert table.

  212. charissa says:

    shabby chic theme for my daughter’s 1st birthday

  213. Lynn Mosher says:

    What an awesome giveaway! Haven’t done a dessert table but love the inspiration!

  214. Brenda says:

    I have not ever done a dessert table, if I win this book, I sure will have some great ideas to use to do one someday. I hope I can win this great giveaway from Amy. Thanks for offering this.


  215. Lynda M. says:

    I designed a dessert themed party for my friends baby shower.

  216. What a great giveaway! Thank you! I love Amy Atlas and the TomKat Studio! Keep the eye candy coming!

  217. I have designed a dessert table. It was The Little Mermaid themed. It was the birthday girl’s favorite movie and it turned out so cute!!

  218. kim t says:

    I haven’t done a dessert table but would like to sometime.

  219. Jennifer says:

    I have never designed a dessert table but am thinking about it for my daughter’s next birthday. She’s a June baby and is wanting to do a theme we saw on here — the Mermaid party!! It would be wonderful to have this fabulous book to help me decide what to do — and use your blog post, of course!! Thanks for all the inspiration you share every day!

  220. Jennifer says:

    Here’s the link to my Facebook page where I shared: https://www.facebook.com/#!/jennifer.d.rader.1

    When I went to “Do It” on the list, I wasn’t sure what I was supposed to put in the blank so I’m posting it here to make sure it gets done!! Hope I did it right!

  221. Priscilla says:

    I’ve never designed a dessert table, but would love to for my son’s birthday party.

  222. jen says:

    i have never designed a dessert table – but those shown are BEAUTIFUL!

  223. Melissa says:

    Trying one tomorrow for my son’s 1st Holy Communion. Wish me luck!!

  224. Not really – but I’d love to one day!

  225. Kim Daniels says:

    I recently designed a dessert table for my son’s second birthday party. The theme for the party was Vintage Vespa Scooters. It turned out really cute!

  226. jeanfrances says:

    I once did a RED,WHITE & BLUE theme for a Fourth of July party!

  227. Rebecca Howard says:

    I did and princesses and frogs dessert table for my daughter’s 3rd birthday. Would love to win the book for some inspiration!

  228. Trisha Wright says:

    I have not attempted creating a dessert table but one was done in my honor that turned out pretty darn cute. It was for my baby shower when I was expecting my “little prince” and all things were charming and blue!

  229. Debbie says:

    I just created a Breakfast at Tiffany’s dessert table for a first time Grandma-to-be baby shower. Everything in Robin Egg Blue and white. And a cupcake liner bunting/banner and tissue paper flower poms to pull everything together. It really turned out pretty nice!

  230. Korine says:

    It was a bridal shower…nothing too special – but it was fun.

  231. I just did one for my daughters birthday. It was a lemonade stand theme. Super fun!

  232. Jessica fonville says:

    I have designed a desert table every year for my kids birthdays. I have done cars, Mickey mouse, princess, rock star, beach theme and hen just color schemes.

  233. Cindi says:

    I created a party table for our sons’ high school graduation…
    It was his school history from preschool through high school and
    had elements of the college he was going to attend!
    Thanks, Cindi

  234. Ali Ryan says:

    I designed my daughters ice cream dessert party table last month! It was an ice cream bar full of toppings! Yes very popular theme, but so much fun for the kiddos! Next I am throwing a Superhero party, with a Nachos Bar! I thought that was a bit more creative 🙂

  235. Ellie says:

    You are Amazing Kim!!! Thanks for the giveaway!!

  236. Ellie says:

    I made a dessert table for my daughter’s princess dress up 3rd birthday party! It was so fun!!

  237. Kelli says:

    My daughter’s first birthday is coming up…I sure could use some great ideas! 🙂

  238. Leticia says:

    I haven’t yet but would love to. I need inspiration

  239. Lauren says:

    I have my 2 year old birthday party coming up in June and my youngest 1st birthday in October so would love some fun inspiration!

  240. Mandi Methvin says:

    I’ve done a few candy buffets and 1 small Halloween themed dessert table and I am currently planning an Ice Cream themed birthday party with a topping bar. Maybe I’ll try my hand at a dessert table in the near future. I would love to win this book to help me in my quest.

  241. Margaret T says:

    Would love the book to help me with my sister’s birthday! Thanks for the giveaway.

  242. Dee Parker says:

    I have never designed a themed dessert table, but I like to do a fancy dessert table with pretty cloths and crystal cake stands.

  243. Veronica Gonzalez says:

    I haven’t attempted to make a dessert table yet. I could sure use the inspiration. Thanks so much for the giveaway Kim! 🙂

  244. Annette C says:

    Would love to get my hands on this book and a tomakt studio credit for my daughter’s party this summer…

  245. Monica says:

    I would absolutely love to win this book, need some good inspiration for upcoming birthday and holiday parties this year!!

  246. jen says:

    I had a baby sprinkle (smaller than a shower) with an umbrella theme!

  247. Deanne H. says:

    I did a daisy themed party for my daughter’s graduation. It turned out beautiful! I would love to win this giveaway.

  248. Gina says:

    I designed a monkey theme dessert table for my son’s 1st birthday. Would love to win this book for more inspiration!

  249. megan says:

    i had a candy table at my wedding……it was a christmas theme with my husband and my favorite candies!

  250. carrie says:

    Just found your blog and LOVE it!! So much fun stuff to look at! Yay! New fan 🙂

  251. Erin Timmins Nay says:

    I designed a dessert table with a sweet shop theme. It was quite the hit!

  252. Erin Timmins Nay says:

    I am a fan of Amy Atlas on Facebook!

  253. Erin Timmins Nay says:

    I have been a fan of TheTomKatStudio on Facebook for a few years now!

  254. Erin Timmins Nay says:

    I follow amyatlas on Twitter!

  255. Erin Timmins Nay says:

    I follow Thetomkatstudio on twitter!

  256. Faushia Winsett says:

    Love TomKat Studio and Amy Atlas! Love Texas Mommy

  257. renee says:

    Oh, what a beautiful dessert table. Would love to get some inspiration from the book … much like a get so much inspiration from your beautiful blog!

  258. Amanda Capps says:

    My daughter is having a Candy Land themed party, so I can just imagine an amazing dessert table, she would be over the moon!

  259. Amanda Capps says:

    I follow you on twitter

  260. Amanda Capps says:

    I already like you on FB – awesomeness

  261. Amanda Capps says:

    I now follow amy on twitter – TWEET

  262. Amanda Capps says:

    already follow TomKat

  263. Suzanna Camacho says:

    I’ve created two dessert tables for my twins’ birthdays. I’ve done a candy theme & train theme. This year we are doing pirates!

  264. Suzanna Camacho says:

    already a FB fan

  265. Suzanna Camacho says:

    already an Amy Atlas fb fan

  266. Angela says:

    I hosted a dessert party for the HGTV House Hunters show and designed my dessert table around the colors in the logo – black, white and yellow.

  267. ChanieT says:

    As a mother of 4 girls, I’ve done lots of birthday tables, including butterflies and princesses, and ballerina bears, and flowers! They’re tons of fun and I’m always getting ready to do the next one!!!

  268. tine says:

    Here in Belgium with the sun who’s waiting to shine, we can use some parties! The “Tomkat Studio” and “Amy Atlas”-style are fabulous! And they ‘re the inspiration for the 1st Birthday desert table of my daughter last week. The theme was “Cherry Blossom”!

  269. Marlene says:

    My last dessert table was for my sister’s wedding. She wanted cupcakes instead of a huge cake, so I “built” a cake out of cupcakes. Everyone was impressed. The rest of the dessert table consisted of lemon squares, brownies and lemon cheesecake squares. It was very casual and very much my sister’s style. Everyone was impressed!

  270. Barbie says:

    I would love to have this book! Awesome giveaway! Thanks TomKat studios for this chance to win>

  271. CC says:

    I would love to win Amy Atlas and TomKat!!! I did a dessert table recently for my daughter’s 11th birthday party. It was a donut theme! We had donuts, donut holes, rice crispy treats, fruity pebble treats, fresh fruit, granola, milk and juice cartons!

  272. Rebekah says:

    I did a Bridal shower dessert table. It was a lot of work, but it was worth it.

  273. Katryna says:

    I did a dessert table for Christmas! With pie and cupcakes!

  274. Pamela says:

    I did a mini dessert table for my baby girl’s first birthday! Can’t wait to do another one for her 2nd!

  275. Dawn says:

    I love all of amy’s desserts…especially the chocolate covered oreos with the temple designs!

  276. Julie says:

    Great giveaway!

  277. leigh says:

    I had a a princess dessert table for my daughter’s 5th birthday.

  278. Mindy says:

    My most recent dessert table was for my niece’s 1st birthday party as seen here!

  279. Ashley D says:

    I have never done a dessert/candy buffet but I would love to start making them for kids parties….SO CUTE!!!!!

  280. Audrey says:

    I can’t even wait to see Amy’s book and I already have my TomKat Wish List (just in case!). Congrats on the new pool ~ looks heavenly….

  281. Amy says:

    I love Amy Atlas…what in inspiration.

  282. Miranda C. says:

    I’m doing a jake and the neverland pirates theme for my son’s first birthday in June.

  283. Iram says:

    Would love this book & the credit, just in time for my daughter’s birthday!

  284. Jessica says:

    I would love to win this!!

  285. paulita says:

    What an inspiration to win this book! Amy is already an inspiration.. but in full color details all bound together– WoW!

  286. Rachel Leigh says:

    How wonderful(and favored) would I be if I had the ideas to layout a great party spread? I want this book!

  287. Courtnay Cobb says:

    This book looks so fun and inspiring! I would love to win just so I could make up excuses to plan parties!

  288. Haleigh says:

    I’m currently planning my son’s first birthday party!

  289. Donna O'Neil says:

    I designed a Dinosaur dessert table.

  290. I designed my little niece, Jenny’s 1st Birthday Party! A Bunny theme!

  291. Toiaya says:

    I love this website. Although, I have not done a table…yet!

  292. Vanessa says:

    Ive never done a dessert table before but this book is just what I need to get inspired!

  293. Meaghan says:

    I just finished my son and daughters birthday party and did the dessert table with a pirate and pixie theme. It was soooo cute and I can’t wait to keep coming up with more themes for their future birthdays!

  294. I designed two dessert tables. One was strawberry themed and one was Yo Gabba Gabba themed 🙂

  295. Sasha says:

    Yes, I’ve done a few dessert tables now. The best was a 1940s masquerade themed one. Thanks for being so inspiring!

  296. Sara says:

    Always inspired by your ideas!

  297. Tricia says:

    I have done an Easter dessert table a few times. I really like Easter and there are so many good spring desserts with berries just starting to come into season.

  298. Kelsey says:

    I love love love Amy Atlas!! I did a small pink-themed dessert table this weekend for my Grandma’s birthday!

  299. Day says:


  300. patricia says:

    Princess themed dessert table!

  301. Edith Gicole says:

    Lemonade stand theme. 🙂

  302. rosana zorrilla says:

    I got the chance to go all out for my son’s 7th birthday star wars theme & I think that the dessert table was the main focus of all the decor.

  303. Tashina says:

    Yes I just did a table for my daughters bday party.. Princess Theme.

  304. Holly says:

    We did a snack bar for my daughters movie night party.

  305. Kristen says:

    I did a scary Halloween dessert contest and decorated the table extra spooky. We had some great enteries and we rewarded the winner with a bottle of wine! 🙂

  306. nakia silebi says:

    Did a dessert table for a b day and will be doing something this Aug for my daughters 1st b day

  307. Elizabeth Render says:

    I always create a dessert table for my children’s birthday parties. My favorite was a dessert table for my sons’ (6 and 3) joint football party. It was so much fun! Football themed cookies, football oreo truffles, cupcakes, and more!

  308. Karena Adams says:

    I love Amy Atlas!!

  309. Tambra Coons says:

    Such cuuuute stuff!!!

  310. Jayme says:

    cupcakes for fall theme wedding

  311. I would LOVE this! {squeal}

  312. Samantha Holt says:

    Did a dessert table with sugar cookies.

  313. Tambra Coons says:

    Yes, I did a dessert table for my sister’s baby shower. She has a bear theme and the colors were brown, blue and teal, I used glass jars and candy with cute cake plates that had blue cake pops. I also made bear cupcakes

  314. Mrs. White says:

    I’ve never done a dessert table before but I’d absolutely love to. Have been getting more and more into that kind of thing lately, and am planning on doing a baby shower table in the beginning of June 🙂

  315. Danielle Christine says:

    The pictures from her book are soooo fabulous ! I love dessert tables .. I just did a fun Mustache themed one !!

  316. Amanda says:

    I did a “two Sweet” themed dessert table for my daughter’s second birthday. Not as great as Amy’s of course, but pretty good for my first time.

  317. Mindy Scott says:

    I did a table for my bunco group, it was december so I did all green and red and it turned out great : )

  318. Andrea says:

    I did a dessert table for my son’s first Birthday. It was puppy dog themed so everyone filled a Doggy Bag with Red and Blue colored candies…since those were the color themes.

  319. Julie says:

    I absolutely adore your work! I, too, enjoy making various food and treat labels for parties. Last year, I threw a surprise 70th party for my mother and put pictures of her at various points in her life on the food in front of the sternos. She couldn’t get over the effort that was put into the invitations and I do believe that your work and the likeliness of it, makes throwing a party at home such a personalized event!

  320. Tambra Coons says:

    Here is my facebook link, I cant figure out how to get the actual post link!

  321. Kate Stanley says:

    I have only done a dessert table for a display at a wedding show….I just love the look of a dessert table!

  322. I am designing my first dessert table for my daughter’s first birthday party next week. The theme is cookies and milk <3 and I have to say I am VERY proud of myself so far!

  323. Whitnie T says:

    I’ve created lots of dessert tables but my Fav theme I’ve done so far is Cowgirl!!

  324. tammy dodson says:

    Done one dor a baby shower for a baby girl

  325. Amy says:

    Love, love, love this!

  326. Amy says:

    Did one for a graduation party.

  327. Amber Hiser says:

    I had a “red, white and two” birthday party for my son’s second birthday. we had a dessert table with firework cookies, strawberries dipped in white chocolate, layered strawberry shortcake with blueberries on top…it was fantastic!

  328. Brittany says:

    I did a table for my little boy’s first birthday party! It was a Mickey Mouse theme 🙂

  329. The book looks awesome!!

  330. I have designed many Dessert Tables……I have worked in the catering industry for many years but was truly inspired when one of my co-workers told me to check out AmyAtlas.com. I was extremely excited when I heard Amy Atlas was writing a book. All of the Dessert Tables I have designed have different colors and different themes…but my favorites were a Citrus theme and just a few weeks ago I designed a Vintage Glam Table for a wedding reception in San Diego! Thank You Amy Atlas for making Sweet Tables so in demand right now!

  331. KimD says:

    What great ideas!!!

  332. Teresia Bellamy says:

    The first candy buffet I did was for my son’s beach themed wedding and I must after that I had the “Buffet Fever” I just love planning parties !!

  333. CarolynH says:

    I haven’t yet but this is an inspiration to do so.

  334. Lauren tanner says:

    For my daughters first birthday I made a candy and dessert table and the theme was lollipop sweet shoppe! It was so fun and I purchased your lollipop package for her party!!

  335. Shelly says:

    Love, Love, Love TomKat & Amy Atlas!

  336. Deb says:

    My son’s 3rd b-day is in June – it will be my first dessert table – I am still trying to decide what “theme” the party is going to be – My son says he wants a “big yellow truck” cake – so I am thinking I might do a Construction Theme – I know it’s “his” b-day but most of the guests are girls so I was thinking maybe a Carnival Theme – that way it’s geared for both boys and girls – then I wanted to do a Pirate theme – I am so CONFUSED – – – UGH – – and I only have 3 weeks to pull it all together!!!!

  337. I am going to be designing one for my friend’s bird themed baby shower!

  338. Jamie maassen says:

    I love seeing all creative posts!

  339. Marla says:

    I did a Strawberry Shortcake themed desert table for my daughters last bday…so much fun!!!!

  340. Alice says:

    I did a dessert table at my Holiday Open House for Christmas last year! It was so pretty! Everyone loved the cupcakes on the cake stand I had made! It was the talk of the party! Everyone enjoyed themself. I want to plan more parties just to do the dessert table and all the little details make it perfect!

  341. Tracy Garvin says:

    I would love to win this giveaway! It would help me plan for my son’s 1st birthday in June! Thanks for this opportunity.

  342. Tracy Garvin says:

    I have not done a dessert table before with a theme but this book would be a great inspiration to what i need! Thank you!

  343. I have yet to design a themed dessert table, but I would like to – something perhaps with an Alice in Wonderland theme!!

  344. Shanna Uptergrove says:

    New Years Eve- Glittery Snowland!

  345. Gina says:

    What a wonderful looking book!!

  346. michelle bowe says:

    I made a circus themed dessert table for my daughter’s 2nd birthday

  347. I did a Pumpkin Party for my son’s 2nd birthday. It was fun decorating with a theme!

  348. Kim J. says:

    I have never designed a dessert table! *GASP* But after seeing all of the inspiration on-line I would love to give it a try. I now just need to find a reason to.

  349. Renee Hester says:

    I have never designed a dessert table but have helped and it was a candy bar buffet table . Lots of candy in lots of glass jars with scoops.

  350. Chrystine Wilder says:

    We are expecting our first in the fall and this will come in handy!! I love the baby stuff!

  351. heidi says:

    Just recently I did a yellow and gray (my current two favorite colors 🙂 dessert table for my dad’s birthday – it was fun decorating and making desserts!

  352. amanda thacker says:

    Flower theme for my Lily’s first birthday!

  353. Alexandra Aguilar says:

    I have only done one, a “little People” inspired one, for my daughter’s birthday.

  354. Melissa says:

    I haven’t yet I am planning one in July. It’s an Alice in Wonderland theme for my daughter’s first birthday.

  355. Nicole says:

    Pink and green owl Themed desert table!

  356. Leah Sutherland says:

    I have designed a dessert table using The TomKat Studio’s Lollipop Collection!

  357. Meleka says:

    I did a Valentines Day dessert table. All pinks and reds

  358. Trina says:

    I did my first dessert table for my daughter’s 4th birthday party. It was themed from Disneys Princess and the Frog.

  359. Jesica FIx says:

    Desert table of farm animal cupcakes for a farm party for my daughter’s 1st birthday.

  360. emily s says:

    I did a beach themed dessert table for my daughter’s 1st birthday party! I have done a construction dessert table for my twin boys 2nd birthdays.

  361. Erin Babarskis says:

    We did a Pink, white and silver winter onederland for my daughters first birthday.

  362. Michele says:

    I just made a Lorax themed dessert table for my son’s 5th birthday! It was so adorable. I’m so proud of myself.

  363. Debbie S. says:

    I designed a Sesame Street themed table, but made all the crafts myself of the characters faces fo my daughters second birthday.

  364. Malia says:

    I am sure the book is full of great ideas. My challenge is in being minimalistic and not crowding the table with lots of treats!

  365. Carol Colon says:

    I’ve styled a few dessert tables, but my favorites have been my son’s Golf 3rd Birthday Par-tee and his Pre-School Easter Egg Hunt Party. Lots of yummy candy and lovely colors!

  366. Elaine Capers says:

    My best desert table was for my grandson’s birthday – done with really cute tags designed especially for him by Kim!

  367. Rachel W. says:

    I decorated my dessert table one time in an Olde English theme. Cream tea, cakes and pastries.

  368. Julia says:

    Do you know where I can find those cute, colorful plastic spoons pictured next to the cotton candy?

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