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How to Create a Rustic Cheese Board…

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We posted our Tea Party Bridal Shower yesterday and today we are sharing the savory recipes and ideas created by Jessica Helgeson from See Salt! She came up with three savory, light bites to serve at any celebration! We started with a Rustic Cheese board.

Here are Jessica’s tips… 

Creating the Perfect Cheese Board

Things to consider are when putting together your cheese board are texture, color and flavor.


Here we included a salty hard cheese like parmesan or Pecorino. Mixing it up with a yummy counterpart like a creamy goat cheese gives a great texture variety.


Consider including fruit that is season. Think about the colors and feel you are going for. If you want it to feel rustic and organic then you might choose pears and figs but if you are going for a more delicate feel to your board then you may choose beautiful strawberries or champagne grapes.


Fresh herbs will make your board both aromatic and so lovely. Again, think about the herbs in terms of flavor and texture. Hearty herbs like rosemary and thyme will create a different feel than delicate basil or fresh dill.


To give your board height using long breadsticks are a gorgeous choice! Try placing them upright in a small container. We used sea salt breadsticks and loosely wrapped them in prosciutto.


Lastly, we placed apricot preserves and a gorgeous slice of honeycomb on our board for the sweetness we all love and desire.

Creating a cheese board should be fun and does not have to be filled with tons of expensive cheeses. Make an experience for you and your guests with aromatic flavors and textures. Remember we all eat with our eyes so make it beautiful.

Thank you so much, Jessica for sharing these tips with us! I can wait to make my own.

Be sure to check out Jessica’s amazing website, See Salt for more recipes and ideas!

June 18, 2014

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  1. rACHEL says:

    I love love love cheeseboards and try to have them at most of my parties. Thanks for the tips.

  2. Joanna M. says:

    So many great tips! I will be using them all to create my own cheese board. 🙂

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